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Welcome to the Horizon Imaging blog! This page will be updated every few weeks with news, case studies about current projects, details of new services and with the odd nuggets of advice thrown in here and there for good measure.

Click on a blog post heading or the ‘Read More’ text to read a particular blog post. You can also find exclusive behind-the-scenes imagery from many of our shoots on our social media platforms! You can find the links to these below.

Horizon Imaging shares two Architectural & Drone Aerial Photography case studies from the Marketing Industry
By far the most popular application for drones is taking aerial photographs for the marketing industry. Whether you are trying to sell a new property, advertise a hotel that enjoys a particularly spectacular location, or a school which has expansive grounds...
Horizon Imaging shares two Drone Aerial Photography case studies from the Construction Industry
Horizon Imaging has been involved in a wide range of fascinating projects since we started operating in 2007. Two of these projects are now featured in their own case studies which are accessible using the links below. These are sneak peaks of further...
David Hogg from Horizon Imaging wishes you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and a great start to the New Year
This is just a brief note to wish all of our website visitors a wonderful Christmas break! The cartoon on the right is by the terrific cartoonist Joe Heller and pretty much sums up the popularity of drones at the tail end of 2014 – you can't go anywhere...
Horizon Imaging provides a set of panoramic elevated images to simulate views from a potential new home
Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to take a set of panoramic aerial photographs to simulate the views from a proposed new house in St George's Hill in Weybridge, Surrey. As the required photographs had to be taken from an exact height (as cal...
Horizon Imaging interviewed by Sky News about the report of a near-miss with a drone at Heathrow
Horizon Imaging was recently interviewed as an industry expert by Sky News following the release of a report by the UK Civil Aviation Authority detailing a near-miss between a drone and a passenger airliner in July 2014. The report is particularly concerning...
Horizon Imaging provides a set of aerial photographs to support a planning application in West Sussex
Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to take a set of aerial photographs to support a planning application covering the refurbishment of a charming set of farm buildings near the beautiful town of Petworth in West Sussex. Due to the size and nat...
Horizon Imaging photographs beautiful Snowdonia holiday cottage from the air and from within
Whilst on holiday in the beautiful Snowdonia National Park a few weeks ago, I sneakily took my aerial photography platform and Virtual Tour equipment with me so I could capture some photographs of the wonderful cottage where we were staying. You can see...
Horizon Imaging reflects on the rapid increase in the popularity of drones and the problems this brings
I think it's fair to say that almost everyone has heard of "drones" these days. Whether people think of the military versions used for dropping ordnance on enemy positions, or the seemingly harmless quadcopters that are becoming more and more affordable...
Horizon Imaging supports studio photographer at Giving Africa Charity event in Weybridge, Surrey
David Hogg from Horizon Imaging recently provided support for fellow photographer John-Paul Bland at a fund-raising event for the charity Giving Africa at St George's Hill Lawn Tennis Club in Weybridge, Surrey. Giving Africa is dedicated to empowering...
Introducing a brand new service – Interactive Virtual Tours – start exploring our World in a different way
Horizon Imaging is excited to announce the launch of a completely new service alongside our Architectural, Mast and Drone Aerial Photography services – Interactive Virtual Tours. Built on David's experience in producing High Dynamic Range images for...
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Horizon Imaging produces short commercial promotional showreel for Blue Bear Systems Research
Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to produce a short 2-3 minute commercial showreel for Blue Bear Systems Research. Producing the video involved visiting the customer's site to shoot some specific new footage, as well as sifting through Gig...
Horizon Imaging gives lecture to Guildford Photographic Society on Drone Aerial Photography
David Hogg from Horizon Imaging recently gave a presentation to the Guildford Photographic Society on Drone Aerial Photography. As a previous member and speaker at the Guildford Photographic Society, it was a pleasure to return to the club and upd...
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