Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging provides a set of aerial photographs to support a planning application in West Sussex

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to take a set of aerial photographs to support a planning application covering the refurbishment of a charming set of farm buildings near the beautiful town of Petworth in West Sussex. 
Due to the size and nature of the site, our aerial photography drone was used to capture a range of different photographs of the collection of buildings, from a wide variety of heights and positions. 
Permission was sought from all the neighbouring house owners before the flights took place as the drone would be flying closer than 50m to their property – it’s always better to ask permission first than to ask for forgiveness afterwards! More importantly, it’s also a legal requirement from the UK Civil Aviation Authority to be in control of all ‘vessels, vehicles and structures’ closer than 50m from the drone. 
As the images would be used to support a planning application, it was important that they showed where the buildings sit in relation to the surrounding landscape, to put the proposed development in context – and that is exactly what drone aerial photography provides. Without taking a foot off the ground it allows you to: 
  • Capture images from any position in the sky (you are not limited to locations where there is clear ground underneath for erecting a mast). 
  • Alter the composition of the photographs during the flight with the aid of the live video feed to ensure all parts of the development are clearly captured. 
  • Fly from ground level up to 400 feet – well out of the reach of telescopic masts, and significantly lower than the altitudes where full-size aircraft can operate. 
  • Take a set of aerial photographs and be off the site within an hour, reducing the disturbance to any neighbours or site workers. 
  • Take close-up inspection photographs without the hassle of using cherry pickers or scaffolding (although this was not required on this particular shoot). 
Planning applications are just one of the many applications of drone aerial photography. If you have any questions about the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 
Planning application is being sought to refurbish this charming collection of buildings near Petworth in West Sussex. Click to enlarge. 
Another view showing the beauty and tranquility of the surrounding landscape. Click to enlarge. 
A plan view gives you a better idea of the layout of the development. Click to enlarge