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Horizon Imaging shares two Drone Aerial Photography case studies from the Construction Industry

Horizon Imaging has been involved in a wide range of fascinating projects since we started operating in 2007. Two of these projects are now featured in their own case studies which are accessible using the links below. These are sneak peaks of further content which will be coming to the Horizon Imaging website in the coming weeks – links to these case studies are currently nowhere else on this site, so you saw them here first! 
The first case study looks at the construction of Dorchester Hotel’s Coworth Park Hotel in Ascot, Berkshire. The construction project started in 2008 and finished in 2010, and Horizon Imaging was commissioned to document the project for its entire duration – from the air. Using our unmanned drones, aerial photographs were captured of the building site every few months from the same set of angles – usually from the front, sides, rear and top of the main building, together with any additional photographs that the contractors required. 
As well as sending the aerial photographs to the contractors, they were also sent straight to the end client – the Sultan of Brunei, allowing him to see exactly how his project was progressing from the air despite being many thousands of miles away. It was fascinating to see how such a complex project was tackled by the building contractors, as the build turned out to be anything but straightforward! Please click the link below to read the case study: 
The second case study looks at the use of Horizon Imaging’s drone to inspect the roof of an old school building before its conversion into a modern care home. In under an hour we managed to capture a set of high-resolution images of the entire roof structure, allowing the contractor, GallifordTry, to conduct an initial analysis of the roof’s condition – from the comfort of their office! Traditionally this inspection work would have been undertaken using scaffolding or cherry pickers – both of which are time consuming to set up and expensive to use. By contrast, aerial inspection using drones is quick, safe and affordable. Please click the link below to read the case study: 
As cliched as it sounds, I am confident that 2015 will be the ‘year of the drone’, and Horizon Imaging has lots of new projects and equipment lined up to make the most of these new technological developments. Watch this space for more case studies and sneak peaks of new platforms which will soon be joining our aerial photography toolbox! 
One of the final aerial photographs of Coworth Park Hotel in Ascot, Berkshire, taken in September 2010, two years after the project started. Click to enlarge
An aerial photograph taken half way through the construction of Coworth Park Hotel in Ascot, Berkshire in May 2009. Click to enlarge. 
One of the high-resolution aerial inspection photographs of Wispers Care Home in Haslemere, Surrey, taken in August 2011. Click to enlarge.