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Horizon Imaging shares two Architectural & Drone Aerial Photography case studies from the Marketing Industry

By far the most popular application for drones is taking aerial photographs for the marketing industry. Whether you are trying to sell a new property, advertise a hotel that enjoys a particularly spectacular location, or a school which has expansive grounds that cannot be fully appreciated from ground level – drone aerial photography is the way forward. 
Going hand in hand with Drone Aerial Photography, Professional Architectural Photography is the key to making your property listings stand out from the competition. Use of natural light and the latest multiple-exposure imaging techniques produce beautifully realistic and life-like photographs that will show off your properties in their best light. 
The following case studies look at two specific examples of marketing photography – drone aerial photographs of a chain of luxury hotels in Hampshire and East Sussex, and architectural and drone aerial photographs of properties taken for Estate Agents in Surrey and Sussex. 
Set in dozens and sometimes hundreds of acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and countryside, Elite Hotels own some of the most stunning hotels in the South of the UK. A few years ago they commissioned Horizon Imaging to take a set of aerial photographs of three of their hotels in order to show off the hotels and their grounds in all their glory – something that ground-level photographs just could not achieve. The photographs were highly praised by Elite Hotels and they are still being used to market the hotels on their websites to this day. Please click the link below to read the case study: 
The counties of Surrey and Sussex have some of the most beautiful countryside in the South of the UK and demand for property in these counties is understandably very high. Working with some of the leading estate agents in the area over the past year, Horizon Imaging has built up an extensive portfolio of property photographs, both aerial and ground-based. 
Property photography is often an area where estate agents feel corners can be cut to save money, but this often results in mediocre images which really do not do their properties justice. The latest property search engines like Zoopla and Prime Location predominantly use photographs as a means for displaying search results and this is where outstanding photographs come into their own. Please click the link below to read the case study: 
An aerial photograph showing off the beautifully landscaped grounds of Ashdown Park Hotel in East Sussex. Click to enlarge.
An aerial photograph of a private house in Surrey, as marketed by Knight Frank. Click to enlarge. 
An architectural photograph of the sitting room in a private house in West Sussex, as marketed by Jackson-Stops & Staff. Click to enlarge.