Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging produces short commercial promotional showreel for Blue Bear Systems Research

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to produce a short 2-3 minute commercial showreel for Blue Bear Systems Research. 
Producing the video involved visiting the customer’s site to shoot some specific new footage, as well as sifting through Gigabytes of existing footage to accumulate enough material to produce the showreel. 
The showreel had to reflect the new brand identity of the company, and as such it uses many of the same themes, colours and fonts as found on Blue Bear’s website. An initial design was produced and then iterated to ensure it fully met the client’s requirements. 
As part of the video production package, Horizon Imaging also created the animated logo at the beginning of the video – giving a dynamic twist to an otherwise static logo. 
As with all work of this nature, Horizon Imaging worked closely with the client to make sure the video flowed seamlessly from one section to the next, and at times this required reading between the lines of the brief in terms of the layout of the video and the phrasing of the text. Using Horizon Imaging’s experience in video production, the video was completed within 2 days and was subsequently used on Blue Bear’s stand at a trade show a few days later. 
If you are looking for professional video production services, Horizon Imaging has the hardware, software and experience to create eye-catching videos for your marketing campaigns. Please contact us for more information. 
Click the play button above to watch Blue Bear System Research’s commercial showreel, produced by Horizon Imaging 
A screenshot from one of the new video clips shot specifically for the showreel.