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Welcome to the Horizon Imaging blog! This page will be updated every few weeks with news, case studies about current projects, details of new services and with the odd nuggets of advice thrown in here and there for good measure.

Click on a blog post heading or the ‘Read More’ text to read a particular blog post. You can also find exclusive behind-the-scenes imagery from many of our shoots on our social media platforms! You can find the links to these below.

Horizon Imaging photographs beautiful 13th Century converted barn in Cambridge for Team Consulting
Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to photograph a beautiful converted 13th Century barn in the village of Ickleton, near Cambridge. The barn, together with one of the neighbouring 'modern barns', is now being used by medical technology company...
Horizon Imaging explains the Civil Aviation Authority regulations for commercial drone aerial photography
As the number of people looking to offer commercial aerial photography services using drones (or "small unmanned surveillance aircraft" to give them their official CAA title) continues to rise, I often get asked what regulations operators have to follow....
Short introductory video for the Commercial Troubleshooter, Executive Commercial
Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to produce an introductory video for the commercial troubleshooting company, Executive Commercial. Just like the introductory video on our homepage, the video had to be short, concise, and professionally fil...
Are you looking to hire an Aerial Photographer in the UK? Make sure you read these comprehensive Guidelines first
Aerial Photography using unmanned model helicopters or 'drones' is becoming the next big differentiator in marketing campaigns, and with a growing number of companies offering these low-altitude Aerial Photography services, how do you know who to choose?...
Horizon Imaging offsets carbon emissions through The CarbonNeutral Company
Climate change is happening, there is very little doubt about that these days. However, whilst governments and industry are trying to do their bit to reduce the effects, it is just as much the responsibility of small business owners – and the general...
Horizon Imaging featured in prestigious Royal Photographic Society Journal for September 2014
Horizon Imaging recently contacted the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) to see if they would be interested in featuring an article about the fascinating developments in aerial photography using unmanned aerial platforms over the last 10 years, and how...
A sneak peak at Horizon Imaging's latest aerial photography platform, the eight-rotored 'Octocopter'
As part of Horizon Imaging's commitment to only using the best technology for capturing our aerial photographs, we have recently invested in a brand new aerial photography platform, the 'Octocopter'. Compared to our current 'Hexacopter', this platform...
Horizon Imaging's telescopic mast provides critical imagery to settle a storm-damage insurance claim
Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to take some aerial photographs of a roof in Worthing, West Sussex to help settle an insurance claim for a water leak believed to have been caused by storm damage. The only problem was that the roof was hidden...
Aerial photographs combine with cutting-edge CG imagery to revolutionise property advertising
Horizon Imaging has worked on several projects over the years where our aerial photographs have been used as the backdrop to computer-generated models of buildings – something unheard of before the advent of powerful 3D modelling software. In every instance,...
Horizon Imaging explains how post-processing every photograph is essential for maximising their impact
The art of taking photographs does not end after you have pressed the shutter button – it has only just begun! Just like in the film-developing darkroom where you could dodge and burn areas of photographs to preserve or enhance details – or even sup...
Horizon Imaging photographs the beautiful farm and wedding venue 'Coverwood Lakes' in Surrey from the air
Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to capture a set of aerial photographs of the wedding marquees at Coverwood Lakes in Ewhurst, Surrey. These are set up once a month during the summer, and boast an idyllic lake-side location surrounded on all...
Horizon Imaging explains why you should hire a professional if you are serious about getting good results
With the proliferation of ready-to-fly aerial photography platforms coming onto the market these days, it is easy to think that taking aerial photographs is just a question of buying an aerial photography platform and sending it up into the sky. Whilst...
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