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Telescopic Mast Photography Services

It often does not take a great increase in altitude to gain a completely new perspective on a subject – often 10 to 20 feet is sufficient – less really can be more. Our affordable, go-anywhere Telescopic Mast Photography service will take your marketing imagery up a level. 

Our telescopic mast is not vehicle-mounted, which means it can be carried and setup in any location with approximately 3×3 metres of clear ground. This could be on a pavement, down a tight alleyway, or even on top of the roof of a building! 

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Is your marketing literature in need of a face-lift?
Do you want your marketing literature to stand out over that of your competition? 

Maybe your site is in a very congested or built-up area where drones cannot be used but you still need an aerial perspective? 

Perhaps the location of your business or property is a key asset and you are looking to make the most of it using eye-catching aerial imagery? 

Were you disappointed by the flexibility of other aerial photography companies in the past as their masts were permanently attached to their vehicles? 

Although the technology has been around for decades, the elevated viewpoint offered by telescopic masts or poles can still create arresting and powerful imagery for marketing and project documentation today. Whilst we do offer a Drone Aerial Photography service, there are regulations that prevent the drones from being used in densley populated / built-up areas — this is where our mast comes into its own. 

If you’re wondering what makes Horizon Imaging different to other drone operators, here are just a few reasons! 

Fully-portable, the Horizon Imaging 50-foot telescopic mast can be carried down narrow passageways, through buildings, across busy construction sites and erected wherever there is 3×3 metres of clear ground. 

We have over a decade of experience in taking mast aerial photographs for commercial clients.

The high-resolution 42 mega-pixel Digital SLR camera used on the mast is connected wirelessly to a tablet where exposure settings can be remotely adjusted before the images are captured. 

The camera sits in a remotely-controlled pan and tilt gimbal allowing the composition of the Aerial Photographs to be adjusted precisely from the ground. 

If you haven’t used a Telescopic Mast Photography company before, you’re in safe hands with Horizon Imaging. We have a track record of exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing excellent customer service from start to finish. You can read some of our clients’ feedback below or on our dedicated Testimonials page.


“We were delighted with your prompt and very efficient service that entirely captured what we were after. Your range of equipment for getting the high and intermediate height shots was impressive as was the speed with which you processed and enhanced the final images. We will certainly use you again when the opportunity arises.”
“We commissioned Horizon Imaging to take some aerial photographs of our unit’s roof with a drone and a telescopic mast, as we needed to record its condition at the start of its lease. This proved a fantastic way to gain high quality images of the entire roof whereas hiring a “cherry picker” would have only accessed the edges. As it happens, this enabled us to pick up on some important detail on the centre ridge that might otherwise have been missed. Horizon Imaging were extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with throughout and delivered ahead of schedule.” 
“We approached David to take some ground and aerial mast photographs of selected assets within our portfolio. The brief was to maximise the appearance of the buildings, to carry out the shoots at 9 different locations across London and issue the processed photographs within a short timescale. David achieved everything we asked of him and the results were superb. We will definitely be using David’s services again.”

Want to see some more examples of our Mast Aerial Photographs? Click on any of the images below to visit our Mast Aerial Photography Gallery

Elevated views taken from our 50-foot fully-portable telescopic mast not only provide a key eye-catching differentiator over your competition who only use ground-level photographs, but they can also be used to provide view simulations from specific heights above the ground, as well as inspect the condition of roofs and gutters. 

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