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Since we started designing and flying our own drones back in 2007 — or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as they were then called — drones have exploded in popularity, and highly capable machines are now available at a relatively affordable price point. 

However, like the advent of affordable Digital SLR cameras in the early 2000s, just because technology is affordable and accessible, it doesn’t mean whoever buys a drone suddenly knows how to use it to take beautiful and skillfully composed aerial photographs — we do, and our mission since 2007 has been to use drone technology to take the very best aerial photographs possible, using knowledge gained during 12+ years of operation and many hundreds of commercial projects.  

Is your marketing literature in need of a face-lift?
Do you want your marketing literature to stand out over that of your competition? 

Maybe your site is so large that the only way to document it is from the air – but hiring a full-size aircraft or helicopter would be too expensive

Is the location of your business or property one of its biggest assets and you are keen to show where the business is in relation to the surrounding landscape? 

Or perhaps you have had aerial photographs taken from a full-size aircraft in the past but you were disappointed by the results as the images looked flat and lacked perspective

Combining the latest state-of-the-art drone technology with over a decade of experience in commercial photography, we can capture arresting and unique aerial imagery from up to 400ft in the air without you having to leave the comfort and safety of the ground. Take a look at some of our sample imagery below to get a feel of the variety of projects we get asked to photograph, and the quality of the work we produce. 

Drone Aerial Photography

There’s a lot more to our Drone Aerial Photography
service than just pretty photographs!

360° Spherical Aerial Panoramas

These fascinating spherical aerial panoramas are produced by capturing imagery looking in all directions whilst the drone is hovering in the air. 
The images are then stitched together and can even be annotated with hovering information points to highlight certain features visible in the landscape. 
360° aerial panoramas are a great interactive tool to have on your website to show how your site sits within the surrounding landscape, or to show where nearby points of interest are in relation to your site. 
Right-click in the window on the right and select ‘Enter Fullscreen’ to immerse yourself in the panorama!

Ultra High-Resolution Aerial Photographs

Using a similar technique of image stitching, it’s also possible to create ultra high-resolution aerial photographs, such as the image on the right. This is actually composed of 21 separate 24 megapixel images, all taken from the same point in space and then stitched together. This process creates a resulting image which has a much higher resolution image than a single image — in this case it’s created a 252 megapixel image!  
Roll over or tap on the image to zoom into the red box! 
Ultra high-resolution aerial photographs allow for enormous prints to be made, or for interactive online images to be created where you can pan and zoom around to look at any part of the image in high-resolution detail. 

Plan-View Mosaic Aerial Photographs

Another clever use of image stitching allows us to create plan-view mosaic images of very large areas of land — areas far larger than could be captured in a single image. 
By programming the drone to autonomously fly to a number of waypoints and take plan-view photographs at each, it’s possible to stitch together large 2D plan-view maps such as the one shown on the right. This image is comprised from some 38 plan-view drone aerial photographs. 
Potential usages of this type of mosaic image stitching include capturing and outlining plots of land for sale, capturing up-to-date plan-view imagery for masterplans, or capturing the evolution of a large-scale construction site. 

3D Modelling / Aerial Photogrammetry

Modern processing software has enabled the production of accurate 3D models of buildings and landscape using drone aerial photographs alone. 
This technique, called photogrammetry, is a very quick and cost-effective way of producing 3D models of existing infrastructure and has a multitude of uses including incorporation into masterplans, simulating alterations to buildings, calculating areas and volumes of land, and so on. 
Using drone imagery alone, the accuracy of this type of modelling is around 10cm, but when combined with accurately-measured ground-points, it’s possible to get the accuracy down to sub-cm level. 

Not used a Drone Aerial Photographer before and want to make sure you’ve selected a safe and capable operator? 

Take a look at our FREE eBook: 9 Questions to ask before hiring a Drone Aerial Photographer 

The eBook cover the basics of making sure they’re CAA-licensed, adequately insured, are using suitable equipment for the output required for your projects, and much more. 

If you’re wondering what makes Horizon Imaging different to other drone operators, here are just a few reasons! 

Horizon Imaging was one of the first 50 drone operators in the UK to be granted a CAA licence to undertake commercial work with drones back in 2010. Please see the Why Us of our website to see our current “Permission for Commercial Operations” – a legal requirement for undertaking commercial drone aerial photography in the UK. 

We have over a decade of experience in taking drone aerial photographs for commercial clients.

Horizon Imaging use professional interchangeable-lens digital cameras on our drones, ensuring our imagery has the quality and resolution for almost any application – be it a website or a large advertising billboard.

We bring a complete backup drone to every shoot (including spare transmitters, cameras and lenses), ensuring that whatever happens your imagery will get captured.  

If you haven’t used a Drone Aerial Photography company before, you’re in safe hands with Horizon Imaging. We have a track record of exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing excellent customer service from start to finish. You can read some of our clients’ feedback below or on our dedicated Testimonials page.

“David provided an easy-to-use, professional service providing us with both static images and an edited video of our completed project. David kept us informed throughout and sorted out all the necessary permissions and access to the site and adjacent plots (to fly over). We’d highly recommend both his work and his services and we look forward to our next project with Horizon Imaging.” 
“We’ve used Horizon Imaging’s services several times to capture drone aerial imagery of sites onto which we’ve superimposed computer-generated architecture, the result has always been on time, and with the specifications that were commissioned, even from overseas. Working with David feels like working with a team right at home, he is my first choice for Drone imagery in the UK.” 
“Soilfix have started using the services of Horizon Imaging on one of our current sites in Portsmouth. Horizon have been very attentive during discussions and giving ideas that led into fantastic shots being taken of our site. Soilfix will be using Horizon Imaging on further sites that we operate throughout the U.K.” 

Want to see some more examples of our Drone Aerial Photographs? Click on any of the images below to visit our Drone Aerial Photography Gallery

Technology has given us the ability to put a camera at any point in the sky and capture views that no-one has seen before. It is this fascination with rarely-seen viewpoints that continues to turn companies to Drone Aerial Photography to give an eye-catching twist to their marketing campaigns

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