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Video Production Services

Video is one of the fastest-growing advertising mediums, particularly online. Professionally-produced videos have the power to capture your visitors’ attention, connect with them on a personal level (particularly if the video features members of your staff) and succinctly educate them about your business in considerably less time than it takes to read pages of text. 

From shooting the footage, to editing, to sourcing royalty-free music and sound effects, to preparing the video for its final usage platform (be it a computer, tablet, the internet or DVD), Horizon Imaging has the equipment, knowledge and skills required to bring your project to life in the high-impact medium of video advertising. 

Are you looking for a short and professional introductory video which needs to reflect the branding and image of your company? 

Perhaps you are trying to document a large and complex construction project which cannot be portrayed with photographs alone? 

Maybe you are trying to sell a luxurious property and want to show what it’s like to walk around your property as if you were there? 

Or you are just looking for a professional videographer to document one of your projects and you don’t want the hassle of having to do it yourself? 

Creating professional videos is not just a case of pointing a camera and pressing record – the scene has to be lit sympathetically (balancing natural and artificial light to control shadows and highlights), the sound has to be recorded with care to ensure clarity and avoid distortion, and the resulting material has to be woven together with an eye for detail in post-production. 

Screenshot from a promotional video for a private home on the Thames in Berkshire 

Screenshot from a promotional video for Danny Jurmann of Red Hat Magic based in Ash, Surrey 

Like all Horizon Imaging’s services, video production complements and sits comfortably alongside our other services. Videos can incorporate still photographs taken from the ground or the air, virtual tours can incorporate still photographs and videos – whatever your media needs, we can supply them. 

Horizon Imaging are your one-stop-shop for video production services — we can film from ground level up to 400 feet and have a range of equipment to allow our cameras to be stabilised whilst carried, slid across surfaces as well as being smoothly panned, tilted and zoomed. 

Horizon Imaging use professional full-HD and 4K-resolution video cameras, meaning we can provide TV-quality footage of your projects. 

To ensure sound is clearly and faithfully recorded — whether filming an interview or simply capturing atmospheric / ambient sound — we have access to a range of professional omni-directional, shotgun and tie-clip microphones.

All Horizon Imaging’s operations (both ground-based and aerial) are fully covered by £5M of Public Liability Insurance.

Screenshot from a video taken from our telescopic mast of a squash training session at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford 

Screenshot from a video taken from our telescopic mast of a squash training session at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford 

Screenshot from a promotional video produced for Albert Edward Lodge based in Camberley, Surrey

If you haven’t used a Video Production company before, you’re in safe hands with Horizon Imaging. We have a track record of exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing excellent customer service from start to finish. You can read some of our clients’ feedback below or on our dedicated Testimonials page.

“David from Horizon Imaging did a great job in capturing the mood of our Ladies Festival charity dinner, and our guests commended the way he managed to stay ‘in the shadows’ during the event, allowing everyone to feel completely relaxed and to enjoy the evening. The video brought back many happy memories when we watched it during our last members meeting earlier this month, and we wouldn’t hesitate in using Horizon Imaging’s services again in the future” 
“I have commissioned Horizon Imaging to film my house. David Hogg the director and CEO of the company, delivered to me an amazing ‎film. They used the most sophisticated drones to achieve a remarkable journey through my house and it’s grounds. I was overwhelmed by David’s professionalism and creative imagination that created a magical film of my property. I highly recommend Horizon Imaging for any residential, industrial property promos or any other event that you want to film with which you will immensely impress others.” — Uri Geller 
“We commissioned Horizon Imaging to create a promotional video and take promotional photographs of our Enterprise Summer School event. David was a consummate professional from the start. He understood our brief and encapsulated our event perfectly. We were really pleased with the photos and promotional video he produced, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Want to see some more examples of our Video Production service? Click on any of the images below to visit our Video Production Gallery:

Including professionally-produced videos on your website has a number of crucial benefits including: catching the attention of your website’s visitors (and keeping them on your site for longer), improving the ranking of your website on Google (provided your website is correctly integrated with Google+ and YouTube) and helping to form an emotional connection with your website visitors (particularly important in a world of faceless websites that all look so similar). 
Contact us today to see how we can bring the commercial advantages of professional Video Production to your business.