Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging photographs beautiful Snowdonia holiday cottage from the air and from within

Whilst on holiday in the beautiful Snowdonia National Park a few weeks ago, I sneakily took my aerial photography platform and Virtual Tour equipment with me so I could capture some photographs of the wonderful cottage where we were staying. You can see one of the resulting aerial photographs and a Virtual Tour I created on the right. 
The cottage enjoys a peaceful rural setting on a working farm nestling in the rolling green hills near the market town of Bala, Gwynedd. Lovingly furnished with all the creature comforts you could need for a week away from home, the cottage was a truly welcome sight after a day out walking in the wild (and in November, wet!) Welsh hills! 
The Virtual Tour allows you to look around this beautiful cottage as if you were there. Click and drag your mouse to look around each location, click on the red hotspots to jump location, or alternatively toggle the map display or panorama selector and jump directly to a particular location. The more observant viewer will also notice that in the two outdoor Tour locations there is a blue photo icon in the sky – clicking this will bring up the aerial photograph as shown to the right of this blog post. 
With the internet has come many new ways to experience buildings and environments before you visit them – photographs and videos are commonplace, but Virtual Tours are a much underused (and in many ways superior) alternative. If you have a special project, building or location that you want to show off to your website visitors through the power of one of our Virtual Tours, please do get in touch and I will be happy to help. 
The beautiful unspoilt surroundings of the holiday cottage near Bala, Snowdonia, Wales. Click the image to enlarge. 
Click the image above to view a complete Virtual Tour of this beautiful holiday cottage.