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Horizon Imaging gives lecture to Guildford Photographic Society on Drone Aerial Photography

David Hogg from Horizon Imaging recently gave a presentation to the Guildford Photographic Society on Drone Aerial Photography. 
As a previous member and speaker at the Guildford Photographic Society, it was a pleasure to return to the club and update the members on the developments in Drone Aerial Photography since my last talk back in 2008 – a great deal has changed in the industry in those 6 years! 
The talk was written such that even someone with no knowledge of the technology could understand it, using simple illustrations and straight-forward jargon-free explanations. The talk lasted for around 90 minutes (with a 20 minute tea break) and covered the following broad range of topics: 
  • A detailed description of each of Horizon Imaging’s aerial photography drones 
  • An explanation of how the drones are controlled and how they are able to self-stabilise in-flight 
  • Brushless Camera Gimbals – how they work in theory (see the image below right) and through a practical demonstration 
  • The numerous applications of Drone Aerial Photography 
  • How to become a licensed and insured commercial drone operator in the UK 
  • The current state-of-the-art in Drone Aerial Photography including the amazing heavy-lift capability of the latest platforms 
  • Aerial Mast Photography – a companion service to Drone Aerial Photography with its own unique advantages as a photographic tool 
  • Q&A sessions throughout the talk – there’s nothing worse than having to wait until the end of a presentation to ask a question that’s just come to your thought! 
The talk received a great deal of positive feedback from the members of the club who found it both insightful and an eye-opener to a completely different style of photography. 
If you know of a photographic club or society which might be interested in having me present to them, please do let me know or feel free to pass my details onto them. Thank you! 
Click the play button above to watch David Hogg’s lecture on the state-of-the-art in Drone Aerial Photography at Guildford Photographic Society 
The auditorium at the Christian Science Church in Godalming, Surrey. Click to enlarge. 
One of the slides from David’s talk showing how Brushless Camera Gimbals work.