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Architectural Photography (aka. the photography of buildings), is a deceptively simple branch of commercial photography, and hence it’s an area where companies often try to cut corners by doing it themselves. Engaging composition, complementary lighting and careful post-processing are all essential components of high-impact Architectural Photography — remove any one of them and the resulting images will be dull and uninteresting. 

With over a decade of experience in photographing a wide range of architecture from listed 300 year old cottages to striking modern flats, schools to commercial office buildings, industrial units to warehouses, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your property look its absolute best.

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Is your marketing literature in need of a face-lift?
Do you want your marketing literature to stand out over that of your competition? 

Maybe you are trying to advertise your properties or projects in a crowded market place and you simply need your images to shine? 

Perhaps you usually photograph your projects yourself, but you’re not a photographer and the results aren’t transmitting the right message to your clients?

Or you are just too busy to think about photography and just want to leave it in the hands of an expert? 

It is often thought that if you spend enough on a camera you will be able to take amazing photographs. However, this is never the case. Photography is not just about the technology, it is how it is used. A really expensive camera will produce dull and uninteresting photos just as well as a cheap smartphone! 
Similarly, many businesses seem to think that hastily taken smartphone photographs will do when representing projects they’ve completed on their website. But do these poor results (a sign of cut corners and a lack of appreciation for fine details) really transmit the right message to their prospective clients? 
Take a look at some of our sample Architectural Photography imagery below to get a feel of the variety of projects we get asked to photograph, and the quality of the work we produce. 
Choosing the right time of day, balancing natural and artificial light, using interesting and intriguing compositions to draw the viewer’s eye to the main subject of the photographs, ensuring distracting elements are removed from the scene before (and even after) the photographs are taken are just some of the benefits Horizon Imaging will bring to your architectural photographs. 
And here are some other benefits! 

Using natural light for the majority of our shoots, your photographs will have a natural and bright feel to them – no horrible shadows from camera flashes or rooms that get darker the further you get from the camera.

High Dynamic Range image processing software combines multiple exposures to ensure the photographs retain detail in the very bright and very dark areas, replicating the way our eyes would perceive the scene. 

High-resolution Digital SLR cameras ensure your photographs have exceptional clarity and sharpness and are suitable for any application – be it a website or large advertising billboards. 

All Horizon Imaging’s operations (both ground-based and aerial) are fully covered by £5M of Public Liability Insurance. 

A restaurant facade in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 

Dining room in a private house in Midhurst, West Sussex

Landscaped garden in a private property in Petersfield, Hampshire 

If you haven’t used an Architectural Photography company before, you’re in safe hands with Horizon Imaging. We have a track record of exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing excellent customer service from start to finish. You can read some of our clients’ feedback below or on our dedicated Testimonials page.  

After over a year of working with David, we and our clients continue to be blown away by his aerial and architectural photographs – they really help our property adverts stand out on our website and in our brochures.”
“Working with David was a pleasure at each and every stage. He took and understood the brief, prepared a clear quotation describing exactly his service. He liaised with our client to arrange the photo shoot. His demeanour and professionalism portrayed the same values and attention to detail that echoed our own. The images were turned around efficiently and conveyed through an excellent web based selection tool. Once reviewed the preferred images were professionally modified to produce the most refined product. These were then made available via the web portal for high resolution download. An excellent, swift easy to use service from start to finish. We will definitely be using Horizon Imaging again.” 
“We have used Horizon Imaging several times this year to photograph a number of our latest new-build developments. David’s ability to photograph in confined spaces and at elevated levels has produced some truly fantastic shots. We can highly recommend Horizon Imaging and look forward to working with them again in the future.” 

Want to see some more examples of our Architectural Photographs? Click on any of the images below to visit our Architectural Photography Gallery

Whilst a seemingly simple style of photography, architectural photography requires a great deal of patience from the photographer and a critical eye for detail. Subtle changes in lighting and the position of furniture help to optimise the scene and ensure aesthetically pleasing results – unfortunately there are no shortcuts! 

If you would like to know more about our Architectural Photography service, please get in touch with us today using any of the details below!

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