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Drone Aerial Photography & Filming — Golf Courses

There aren’t many other sites which look quite as spectacular from above as golf courses. From showing off the design and layout of the course, to the proximity to the countryside or local cities, to the challenges provided by individual holes — drone aerial photography and drone videography is revolutionising the way golf courses are being marketed. You invest heavily in the maintenance and upkeep of your course so it looks its best — make sure your marketing imagery is doing the course justice by investing in professional aerial photography. 

Drone aerial photograph of the lush greens at Woodcote Park Golf Club in Coulsdon, Surrey. Click to enlarge

Drone aerial photograph of the expansive Hankley Common Golf Club in Farnham, Surrey. Click to enlarge. 

Woodcote Park Golf Club in Coulsdon, Surrey

During the summer of 2017, Horizon Imaging was commissioned to produce two promotional films for the Coulsdon-based 18-hole golf club, Woodcote Park Golf Club. The club, which was founded in 1912, measures a total of 6,814 yards in length, and is set in a mixture of lush green parkland and downland. 
One of this club’s challenges is the relative flatness of their terrain, meaning that any photos taken from ground level tend to look very similar and 2-Dimensional — not so with drone aerial photographs! Thanks to our drone’s ability to fly between head-height and 400 feet, the course suddenly took on 3-Dimensions, with the layout of the holes becoming clearly visible, even in static photographs. 
We spent an entire day on the site back in August, although in true British style, about half of the day was spent waiting for an insistent band of cloud to pass so we could capture the course in sunshine! The results were worth it though as you can see in the images below — click any of them to enlarge.  
A selection of drone aerial photographs taken at Woodcote Park Golf Club in Coulsdon, Surrey. Click any image to enlarge. 

As well as aerial photographs, we also took a large amount of aerial and ground-level video footage, with the intention of editing it together into two short promotional films — one giving a brief introduction to the club itself and its facilities, and the second focusing on the holes and greens themselves. The videos were assembled and post-processed with the input of the marketing department at the golf club, and the finished results can be seen below. Click the play buttons below to watch the videos. 

These are the two short promotional films we produced for Woodcote Park Golf Club — the first one gives a general introduction to the club and its facilities, whilst the second focuses more on the holes and greens. Click the play button to watch a video, and be sure to click the square symbol at the bottom right of the player to watch the video full-screen. 

After all the video post-production and photograph editing work was completed, the marketing team at the club were absolutely delighted with the results, and they kindly shared the following testimonial below with us for inclusion in this case study:  

“Earlier this year we commissioned Horizon Imaging to produce two new promotional videos for our Golf Club and we’ve been delighted with the results. The weather is a critical factor when it comes to showing off your Golf Club at its best so David’s flexibility was fantastic. We had to postpone the first attempt following a heat wave (which turned our fairways yellow!), but he returned on a second day later in the year. During the shoot we had to suspend filming for a few hours as it clouded over and David was happy to wait until conditions improved. The evening light was perfect. 
David uses state-of-the-art kit and has a fine eye for detail and aesthetic composition and the result is a really professional pair of short films. With a relatively flat golf course, the added dimensions provided by the drone were superb. We would have no hesitation in recommending Horizon Imaging for similar projects – they are a delight to work with.” 
If you work in the administration or marketing departments of a golf club and have yet to see your club from a birds-eye view, give us a call today to discuss how drone aerial photography and drone videography can revolutionise the way you portray and market your club.  


The gallery below displays a selection of aerial photographs taken over a handful of golf clubs in the South East of the UK. Click any of the images to enlarge.