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Case Studies

Applications of Horizon Imaging’s services are extensive and wide-ranging. The case studies below come from completely different sectors, and they each take a closer look at some of the projects we have worked on over the last few years. 
Ultimately, the applications of our services are limited only by your imagination – the sky is no longer the limit! 
An increasingly popular use of drone aerial photographs is to combine them with computer-generated models of proposed developments — buildings which don’t even exist but can be rendered so realistically that it becomes hard to tell where the aerial photograph stops and the computer-generated model starts. 
Click here to read our Aerial 3D Visualisations case study. 
Drones can fly virtually anywhere in the sky. Do you need to inspect a roof, pylon or other awkward structure which would normally require a cherry picker or expensive scaffolding? Drones allow you to safely perform the same inspection work in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. 
Click here to read our Aerial Inspection case study. 
Mast and Drone Aerial Photography allow you to see your construction projects from a whole new perspective. Impress your client with aerial progress photos, and use the photos to spot problems with the build from the air. We hold a CSCS Site Visitors card for working on active construction sites. 
Click here to read our Construction Industry case study. 
There aren’t many other sites which look quite as spectacular from above as golf courses. From showing off the design and layout of the course, to the proximity to the countryside or local cities, to the challenges of individual holes — drone aerial photography and filming is revolutionising the way golf courses are being advertised. 
Click here to read our Golf Courses case study. 
Drone Aerial Photography provides unfamiliar views of familiar sites. Whether marketing a hotel, school or your own business, aerial photographs help show off the location of your premises in relation to the surrounding landscape, and make your marketing campaigns stand out from the crowd! 
Click here to read our Marketing Industry case study. 
Architectural and Drone Aerial Photographs have never been so powerful in attracting your buyers’ attention. Beautifully captured property photos taken from the ground (or air) show that you are dedicated to offering a professional service, and they are guaranteed to get your properties noticed. 
Click here to read our Property Industry case study. 
Do you work for a school with expansive grounds, or for a school that enjoys an idyllic setting? With our drone and telescopic mast aerial photography platforms, we can capture powerful, eye-catching aerial imagery of your site, ideal for both your printed and online marketing material.  
Click here to read our Schools case study. 
If you’re looking for a completely different perspective on your special day, or you would like to give a couple you know an utterly unique gift which they will treasure for years to come in the form of an aerial film of their wedding, you’ve come to the right place! This case study includes footage and photos from some of our latest wedding projects. 
Click here to read our Weddings case study.