Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging photographs beautiful 13th Century converted barn in Cambridge for Team Consulting

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to photograph a beautiful converted 13th Century barn in the village of Ickleton, near Cambridge. The barn, together with one of the neighbouring ‘modern barns’, is now being used by medical technology company Team Consulting. As part of their brand identity, Team Consulting were looking for ways to show off their beautiful building and its proximity to the surrounding countryside – something which could not be achieved using traditional ground-level photographs. 
After getting permission from the Air Traffic Control tower at the nearby Duxford Airport, David from Horizon Imaging worked together with Team Consulting’s marketing team to capture a wide variety of aerial photographs of the barn and the surrounding landscape. 
As always, it can be difficult to imagine just what the photographs will look like until the drone is airborne, but with the aid of the video downlink, the aerial photographs could be perfectly framed from the ground before the camera was triggered to take the photographs. Being able to move the drone up, down, left, right, closer, and further from the subject in real-time is invaluable when you are trying to frame the photographs to concentrate the viewer’s attention on a particular subject on the ground, or trying to ensure that unsightly buildings or areas of land are kept out of the photographs. 
As it happens, one of the client’s favourite shots was one of the final photographs captured on the day – just as the sun was going down (the bottom image on the right). This shot should not have worked in theory as shooting into the sun usually results in photographs with a lack of contrast and distracting lens flares. It just goes to show that the rules of photography are there to be broken … occasionally at least! 
One of the aerial photographs taken of the converted 13th Century barn for Team Consulting in Ickleton, near Cambridge, UK.. Click to enlarge. 
The client’s favourite aerial photograph of their converted barn office, taken just as the sun was setting on a beautiful October evening.. Click to enlarge.