Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging's telescopic mast provides critical imagery to settle a storm-damage insurance claim

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to take some aerial photographs of a roof in Worthing, West Sussex to help settle an insurance claim for a water leak believed to have been caused by storm damage. The only problem was that the roof was hidden from view by a large Victorian facade which made it impossible for traditional vehicle-mounted telescopic masts to access the potential areas of damage – they can only go straight up and they can only operate from the roadside. 
Enter Horizon Imaging’s fully-portable telescopic mast! Used without its large tripod, the mast was leaned up against the side of the building at an angle, allowing the camera gimbal to look directly behind the facade at the areas of possible storm damage.
The Horizon Imaging telescopic mast on one of its more unusual assignments – inspecting a roof in Worthing, West Sussex. Click to enlarge. 
One of the shots that helped to settle the insurance claim – clear proof that there was no storm damage. Click to enlarge. 
Using the radio-controlled camera gimbal, photographs were captured of the entire roof structure, including all the joints between the facade and the roofing tiles – photographs which clearly showed no evidence of storm damage. 
For an insurance claim that had been dragging on for months as no other companies had been able to photograph the roof, Horizon Imaging captured all the required images within an hour of turning up on site. Shortly after sending over the photos, the following comment was received from the claim handling team: 
“… a colleague has confirmed to me this afternoon that the customer has accepted the final settlement of the claim, so your images were vital in that process.” 
It was great to use the mast for something completely different for a change, and it just goes to show that larger vehicle-mounted masts are not always the best tools for the job. 
Do you have an awkward roof or part of a building that needs to be quickly inspected without the hassle of erecting scaffolding or using a cherry picker? Get in touch with us today and let us explain the benefits of using our drone and our telescopic mast for aerial inspection.