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Horizon Imaging offsets carbon emissions through The CarbonNeutral Company

Climate change is happening, there is very little doubt about that these days. However, whilst governments and industry are trying to do their bit to reduce the effects, it is just as much the responsibility of small business owners – and the general public – to do their bit to reduce their impact on the environment in whatever ways they can. 
Whether this takes the form of driving more efficient vehicles, reducing the number of unnecessary car journeys and flights they make, reducing the amount of gas and electricity they use, or contributing towards carbon-reducing schemes across the world through the purchase of carbon offsets, everyone can help to contribute towards a greener future. 
But to have an effect, everyone has to do their bit! 
David Hogg has always been passionate about reducing his carbon footprint – from driving a highly economical car which achieves 85-90 mpg, to reducing energy use in his home and office, and recycling everything that can be recycled. This commitment to being more environmentally-conscious has now spread to Horizon Imaging. 
Whilst reducing the amount of carbon emitted into the environment as a result of your business or lifestyle is always the best course of action, it is very difficult to elimintate all carbon emissions. One solution for reducing the impact of these remaining emissions is through ‘carbon offsetting. To quote The CarbonNeutral Company’s website:
   “Carbon offsets are credits for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions made at another location, such as wind farms which create renewable energy and reduce the need for fossil-fuel powered energy.” 
Basically this means paying a small fee per tonne of carbon which you or your business emits – money which goes straight towards supporting carbon-reducing projects around the world. These can take the form of funding more efficient cooking stoves for developing countries (reducing the amount of charcoal they burn and smoke they emit), building new wind farms, geothermal power stations, hydroelectric power stations, methane capture and water filtration installations, and supporting ecosystem protection programmes – the list is virtually endless. The videos on the right show just two examples of these projects. 
Working together with The CarbonNeutral Company, Horizon Imaging has now completely offset their carbon emissions resulting from:
  • All driving to and from our clients’ sites 
  • All gas and electricity used in our office 
  • All non-recyclable waste sent to landfill 
Changing the world’s attitude to climate change will not happen overnight, but the more the word spreads, the more progress we will make. Supporting carbon offsetting projects is just one way of helping. It is surprisingly affordable, and is something everyone can do – simply enter your gas, electricity, flight, commuting and non-recyclable waste information into the CarbonNeutral Calculator and you will be presented with the option to offset your carbon emissions. 
Follow in the steps of David and Horizon Imaging, and start doing your bit for the environment today, whether it’s recycling more, swapping all your light bulbs for LED varieties, driving more economically, or offsetting your carbon emissions – every effort, no matter how small, will make a difference to the future of our planet. 
I am in no way affiliated with The CarbonNeutral Company. I simply believe that, aside from reducing our own carbon emissions, the services they offer provide the easiest, quickest and most affordable way for businesses and the public alike to make a positive contribution to the future of the environment and our planet. 
Horizon Imaging is working with The CarbonNeutral Company to offset our carbon emissions, helping contribute towards a greener future for the world. 
Click on the image above to see how Carbon Offsetting works (click the symbol at the bottom right to watch it full-screen).. 
The following videos highlight just two of the amazing and spirit-lifting projects supported by The CarbonNeutral Company. For more examples, please visit their website
Click on each image to play the video (and click the symbol at the bottom right to watch it full-screen). 

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