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Horizon Imaging explains why you should hire a professional if you are serious about getting good results

With the proliferation of ready-to-fly aerial photography platforms coming onto the market these days, it is easy to think that taking aerial photographs is just a question of buying an aerial photography platform and sending it up into the sky. Whilst owning an aerial photography platform is certainly a necessary step, it is merely a small part of a much larger process.

Some examples of Horizon Imaging’s aerial photographs. Click to enlarge. 
Some examples of Horizon Imaging’s aerial photographs. Click to enlarge. 
Some examples of Horizon Imaging’s aerial photographs. Click to enlarge. 
    • Know how to operate the platform safely, including how to check for full-size aircraft or helicopter activity in the local area, how far to stay from objects or people not under your control, where to ask other people to stand, and being able to fly the platform at obscure attitudes and altitudes 
    • Have £5M of Public Liability Insurance 
    • Are fully-licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for undertaking commercial aerial photography work anywhere in the UK 
    • Have over 7 years experience taking aerial photographs using unmanned aerial platforms, and over 16 years flying radio-controlled model aircraft 
    • Know the best time of day to shoot and how to calculate exactly where the sun will be at any time of the day 
    • Know where the best vantage points are likely to be in the sky for a particular shot using experience gathered during previous shoots 
    • Know what settings to use on the camera to guarantee sharp images, including what ISO, shutter speed and aperture to use 
    • Know what zoom setting to use on the lens to achieve the desired results – the subject can stay in the same position in the image, but zooming in and shooting from far away or zooming out and shooting nearby can lead to drastically different results 
    • Know how to use any additional lens filters – like a circular polariser to reduce reflections and darken the blue of the sky 
    • Know how to post-process the images after they have been taken to extract maximum detail from shadow and highlight areas, how to correct white balance and colour casts, how to reduce noise (grain), and how to sharpen images for web or print use 
Let Horizon Imaging worry about these points so you don’t have to! 
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