Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging photographs the beautiful farm and wedding venue 'Coverwood Lakes' in Surrey from the air

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to capture a set of aerial photographs of the wedding marquees at Coverwood Lakes in Ewhurst, Surrey. These are set up once a month during the summer, and boast an idyllic lake-side location surrounded on all sides by tall trees and landscaped gardens. Set in rolling Surrey countryside far away from roads or buildings, all you can hear is bird song, the odd moo and the wind rustling through the trees. 

Aerial photograph of marquees set up for a wedding at Coverwood Lakes, Surrey. Click to enlarge. 
Overview aerial photograph encompassing most of the Coverwood Lakes estate, Surrey. Click to enlarge. 
Due to the flexibility of the Horizon Imaging unmanned helicopter, it could be positioned amongst the branches of the trees at the sides of the lake to capture sweeping panoramas of the wedding venue – somewhere not even our portable telescopic mast could be used! 
As well as photographing the marquees from an aerial perspective, Horizon Imaging was also asked to capture various other parts of the farm from the air for marketing purposes. The farm covers some 14 acres so taking a set of low-altitude aerial photographs was the only way to show it off in all its rural beauty. Whilst watching the live video downlink, the client was able to give instructions to the pilot to ensure the right areas of land were being framed in the photographs – otherwise it was almost impossible to know where one plot of land ended and another began! 
Flying up to around 300 feet allowed the setting of the farm to be captured in relation to the surrounding landscape – quite a contrast to more traditional aerial photographs taken from full-size aircraft which tend to look straight down on the subject