Horizon Imaging

Promotional video produced for Passionate Innovation, a B2B consulting firm based in Guildford, Surrey

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to create a new promotional video for the Surrey-based business-to-business consulting firm, Passionate Innovation. Nigel Biggs started Passionate Innovation over 5 years ago in order to help small to medium companies think ‘outside the box’ when trying to develop new ideas to grow their business – or as Nigel puts it, thinking ‘inside someone else’s box’! 
Horizon Imaging worked together with Nigel to create a storyboard for the video, which highlighted the type of shots that would be required. The storyboard also formed the basis for the narration which was then recorded in its entirety whilst filming the interview to camera. 
Promotional video created for Passionate Innovation by Horizon Imaging. Click the play button to watch the video, and click on the rectangle symbol at the bottom right to watch it full-screen. 
The new promotional video had to be a) eye-catching, b) different and c) had to show what it was like to attend one of Nigel’s workshop sessions. Footage was captured at two different events during April and then various friends and family members helped to record the different voices which can be heard during the animated section at the beginning of the video. 
As part of the package provided by Horizon Imaging, photographs were also captured during the two events, providing a set of fresh marketing images to use on the company’s website. This will help to further strengthen Passionate Innovation’s brand as all the promotional material on their website will then share the same style and professional quality. 
Some of the photographs taken during the filming for the promotional video. Click to enlarge. 
Some of the photographs taken during the filming for the promotional video. Click to enlarge. 
Nigel was thrilled with the resulting promotional video and it will form an important part of his revised online presence by allowing people to see and hear him talking passionately about his work. The importance of making a personal connection with your website visitors is often overlooked. Thanks to his new video and photos, all Nigel’s website visitors will now know exactly who he is and will be able to sense his enthusiasm and dedication to the services he offers – a vital first step in converting them from website visitors to paying customers. 
Having an online video presence is starting to become as important as having a website. Give your website a fresh look with a bespoke promotional video filmed on-location by Horizon Imaging. From storyboarding to shooting and editing, we have the technology, experience and creativity to bring your business to life through the medium of online video. Contact us now for more information and we would be delighted to talk through your requirements with you.