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Promotional film produced for prestigious Surrey Property Awards in Guildford, Surrey

Earlier in the year we were approached to film a prestigious black-tie awards event called the Surrey Property Awards which takes place every year at the G-Live venue in Guildford, Surrey, and this year would be attended by over 400 guests. 
Our client, The Promotional Edge, were looking to have a short promotional film produced using footage from this 2018 event to use when promoting the 2019 event. As such, the film had to be short, snappy and engaging, whilst conveying the glitz and excitement of the event, and the calibre of companies it attracts. 
After a detailed briefing session with the client, it was decided the video was to capture the following: 
  • Guests mingling in the reception area 
  • VIP guests mingling in the upper lounge area 
  • Interviews with some of the sponsors of the event 
  • Interviews with some of the award winners 
  • Footage inside and outside the venue, including the large decorated hall with guests sitting at their tables 
  • Footage of all the awards being presented 
In addition to the above, we were asked to provide a live video feed of the speakers, master of ceremonies and the guests collecting their awards — a video feed which would then be projected onto an enormous screen at the back of the stage! 
The final promotional video can be watched below. Click the play button to start watching and be sure to watch the video full-screen by clicking on the rectangle icon at the bottom right of the player window. 
Promotional film of the 2018 Surrey Property Awards event. Click on the play button to watch the video, and be sure to click the rectangle symbol at the bottom right of the player to view the video full-screen. 

Here’re two behind-the-scenes photos that we took during the event showing the filming setup we used for filming the awards presentations in the main hall (note the image on the camera matches the image on the large projection screen on stage) and for filming the interviews with the VIP guests in the upper lounge:

Behind-the-scenes photos that we took whilst filming the promotional film for the Surrey Property Awards. Click to enlarge. 

Our client, The Promotional Edge, were delighted with the resulting video which we turned around quickly (allowing them to immediately put it on their website as well as share it on their social media channels), and we have recently received the following testimonial about their experience working with us: 

“This is our first experience of working with Horizon Imaging and we sincerely hope it’s the start of a long and beneficial relationship. David is very thorough and really likes to ensure he has a full brief and understands what the client is expecting long before he starts to shoot. His work ethic is superb, he’s professional, has excellent communication skills and I really enjoyed working alongside him to produce the 2018 Surrey Property Awards film. I’d have no hesitation recommending Horizon Imaging – the quality their work is second to none, and our final film is going to be one of the most powerful marketing tools we’ll have for 2019.” 

  • Are you hosting an exciting corporate event? Would you like to have a short promotional film produced for advertising similar events in the future? 
  • Perhaps you have recently finished a new property development and want to have a short teaser video produced to encourage people to come and view it?  
  • Do you want to start working with a single company to provide all your architectural photography, videography and virtual tour requirements to simplify shoot bookings, reduce the number of site visits required and ensure consistency between imagery? 

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