Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging shares some examples of recent photography work from the Property Industry

Horizon Imaging has been providing property photography packages to Estate Agents across the South East of the UK since April 2014, and our work has been highly praised by Estate Agents such as Jackson-Stops & Staff, Knight Frank, Hamptons International and Barton Wyatt. 
Shortly after we started offering property photography services, the Midhurst branch of Jackson-Stops & Staff chose Horizon Imaging to be the sole provider of their property photographs. This fantastic relationship has given us exposure to an enormously diverse range of beautiful properties, from small town houses to grand country estates with hundreds of acres of grounds. You can see some sample photographs resulting from this collaboration in our Drone and Architectural photography galleries, and on the right of this blog post. 
Due to the volume of work we have undertaken in the property industry, we have decided not to showcase every property shoot in its own blog post, or the blog would be 10 times longer and would be full of property photographs! However, as the property market is already starting to pick up again in 2015, it felt like a good time to write a short post mentioning our involvement in the property industry – particularly after last month’s blog post where we shared a link to our Property Industry Case Study. 
Property photography is all about making a property look as beautiful as possible – from selecting the best time of day to take the external / aerial photographs (based on the position of the sun), to helping clients dress their rooms to give a feeling of homeliness by making sure the rooms are not too empty … but not too full either! 
A complete property shoot might require several visits in order to capture the best aspects of a house, for example photographing the outside of the house at different times of the day as the sun moves around and illuminates different parts of the building, or waiting until dusk to capture the warmth of the interior lighting from outside, giving the house a sense of security and homeliness. 
Providing a comprehensive package of ground-based interior and exterior Architectural Photographs, and aerial photographs taken with either the Drone or Mast, Horizon Imaging is your one-stop-shop for property photography – no matter the size of the house. If you have any questions about our property photography services or would like to request a quotation for a shoot, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 
An aerial photograph of a private house in West Sussex taken with our Drone. Click to enlarge. 
An aerial photograph of a private house in West Sussex taken with our Mast. Click to enlarge. 
TAn interior architectural photograph of a private house in West Sussex. Click to enlarge.