Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging's Director, David Hogg, interviewed on his local radio station 'Surrey Hills Radio'

Horizon Imaging’s Director, David Hogg, was recently interviewed on his local radio station ‘Surrey Hills Radio’, by Mike Sharp during his show ‘Reflections – Hits from the 50s 60s and 70s’ – not a period David is familiar with it has to be said, as he was born in the 80s! 
During the 20 minute interview, which was interspersed with music, David talked about topics ranging from how he got into flying drones, what equipment he uses, who his main clients are, what services he offers alongside drone aerial photography, the regulations surrounding the use of drones in public spaces, as well as the astronomical uptake of readily-available drones and the potential problems this has brought with it. 
Drones are all over the media and internet these days, and not always for the best reasons. It’s my hope that interviews like this will help to promote the safe use of drones, as well as highlight the incredibly diverse range of applications of this exciting new technology. The more people that know about the regulations surrounding drones, the safer our skies will become. Click on the play button on the right to listen to the interview! 
It was a real pleasure chatting with Mike on his show! If you have questions about any of the points that were raised during the interview, or indeed if you run your own radio station and would like to have David on as a guest, please do get in touch.