Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging perform the final test flights of their new 'Octocopter' aerial photography platform

This is just a quick note to say we are in the final stages of flight testing our new ‘Octocopter’ aerial photography platform before it enters full-time service later this month. As discussed in our previous blog post, compared to our current platforms the Octocopter will fly for longer, be more resilient to windy conditions, carry a 3-axis (previously 2-axis) fully-stabilised camera gimbal and open the door to dual-crew operation where one person flies the platform and another controls the camera, allowing us to fly more complex aerial filming manoeuvres. 
The test flights have all gone extremely well so far, and we’re looking forward to adding the Octocopter to our growing fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or ‘Drones’ soon! 
Horizon Imaging’s new ‘Octocopter’ aerial photography platform undergoing flight testing one crisp March evening. The platform is due to enter service later this month. Click to enlarge..