Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging launches a brand new aerial media service – fully-stabilised 4K aerial video from a drone

Horizon Imaging is proud to announce the launch of a brand new service – 4K aerial video taken from a radio-controlled drone. Using the very latest drone and camera technology, we can now offer stunning, fully-stabilised 4K aerial video which has 4 times the resolution of typical ‘HD’ video – this allows footage to be heavily cropped / zoomed in post-production without losing quality, or displayed at its full razor-sharp 4K resolution on a compatible monitor for a truly immersive aerial experience. 
Click on the play button below for a short taster of the extraordinary quality of this footage, and watch this space for more samples. Click on the square box at the bottom right of the player to view full-screen. 
Horizon Imaging is proud to announce a brand new service – stunning 4K resolution aerial video. Click the play button above to watch a teaser video … 
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