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Four striking modern office spaces photographed for FIVE Interiors

Over the past 18 months we have been working with leading interior design and fit-out firm, FIVE Interiors, to help them document some of their latest projects for their website and other promotional material. 
These have ranged from two finely-crafted estate agents in north London and Hertfordshire, a stunning modern office re-design for an investment firm in Central London, and the redevelopment of mutiple floors in a listed office building in the heart of Nottingham. 
These projects are by no means your ‘average’ or ‘typical’ interior design projects – FIVE Interiors specialise in strikingly modern design, and use of innovative and cutting-edge materials and technology, and it was a real pleasure to be able to visit and photograph these incredible interior spaces. 

Morris & Joel and Empire Estates

Whilst these two estate agents in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire and Willesden Green, London are both modest in size, what they lack in floor area they more than make up for in their bold, clean and crisp design. 
The Morris & Joel site occupies a corner ground-floor plot in an otherwise very typical row of shops. By maximising the available light through full-height glazing, the office feels very bright and airy when you walk through the door. Combined with minimalist yet comfortable office furniture and the brand’s signature purple and gold colour scheme, the result is an inviting and very modern high street estate agency. 
We visited this site twice on the same day – once during daylight hours to capture the brightness of the interior space, and again after sunset to capture the eye-catching illuminated signage and window displays from outside. 
Wide-angle and close-up architectural photographs of the Morris & Joel estate agency in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. Click to enlarge. 
The Empire Estates site occupies a curved ground-floor plot in front of a wide paved walkway in a leafy part of Willesden Green, London. 
Again, the use of full-height glazing floods the office space with natural light, and FIVE Interiors’ distinctive and considered choice of modern furniture, materials and lighting gives the office a fresh modern feel. Even though the office is split up into relatively small spaces, higher than average ceilings and a light colour scheme help to make the spaces feel larger than the are. 
As with the Morris & Joel site, we visited this estate agent both during the day and at dusk to capture close-up details of the both interior and exterior of the office. 
Wide-angle and close-up architectural photographs of the Empire Estates estate agency in Willesden Green, London. Click to enlarge.

Anchorage Capital

The first project we were commissioned to photograph by FIVE Interiors was this 10,000 square foot site in London W1. Completely remodelled to the client’s exact specifications, the resulting office space is sharp, punchy and modern whilst remaining very comfortable and practical.  
The large, central, open-plan office space is flanked by smaller glazed meeting rooms, all sharing the same dark grey / light grey minimalist decor. Between the two areas of office desks is a darker-coloured lounge and kitchenette. The simple change from light grey to dark grey carpet and ceiling materials effectively conveys the different purposes for these two zones. Throughout the office, the latest computer, lighting and air conditioning technology blends seamlessly with the ultra-modern designer furniture and floor-to-ceiling glass windows to produce a very high class office space, ideally suited to the investment firm who commissioned the work. 
Wide-angle and close-up architectural photographs of the Anchorage Capital office in London W1. Click to enlarge. 

Fothergill House, Nottingham

The latest project we photographed for FIVE Interiors was a 21,000 square feet redevelopment of two floors of an office block in the heart of Nottingham in the East Midlands. The building, originally built in 1895 and now listed, has been brought right back up-to-date with an industrial theme of exposed wiring and ventilation systems, bright walls and LED strip-lighting throughout. 
Although it posed quite a challenge to make the large empty office space look interesting, there were plenty of features to focus on, in particular the original arched windows, the views between the supporting columns that help to break up the space, and the overhead lighting and wiring troughs which have the effect of leading the viewers’ eyes through the rooms. 
As well as the two large floors of open-plan office space, the reception was also remodelled in a similarly striking industrial theme, complete with heat-treated metal cladding, a solid, yet elegantly-sweeping white reception desk, and a variety of discrete LED light installations. 
As well as being destined for FIVE Interiors’ own website, the photos of this project also formed the bulk of the promotional material on a website dedicated to the new office space which can be viewed here: 
Wide-angle and close-up architectural photographs of the Anchorage Capital office in London W1. Click to enlarge. 
As they have now worked with us for some time, FIVE Interiors kindly agreed to send us a testimonial about their experience of working with Horizon Imaging, which can be found below:

"We have been using Horizon for the last 18 months across multiple projects and we are extremely happy with the results. David is very professional and accommodating with a keen eye for detail. We would highly recommend to anyone."

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