Horizon Imaging

Elevated skyline photographs taken from rooftop in Harlesden, Brent, London using telescopic mast

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to take some elevated photographs of the London skyline, 50 feet above the roof of a building in Harlesden, Brent, London. However, the building was in a very congested area, so use of our radio-controlled drone was not possible. Instead, we used our fully-portable telescopic mast. 
This posed a slight challenge as the mast would not have been high enough to capture the required imagery if erected at ground level … but as the mast is fully-portable, we carried it up the stairs inside the building, passed it up through the skylight and erected it on the rooftop (see the image on the lower right)! A series of images were then captured looking in all directions from the top of the mast (although not up and down as the client was only interested in seeing the London skyline). The images were then stitched together and turned into an interactive 360° panorama which can be viewed by clicking on the globe on the right. 
Depending on the zoom setting of the lens when taking the individual images, the resulting stitched panoramas can display extremely fine levels of detail. The panorama shown on the right has a native resolution of about 40 mega-pixels, although it has been scaled down for web-friendly viewing. Resolutions of 100+ megapixels can easily be produced and would allow the user to zoom in much more than in the example shown here. The latest software used to display the panoramas intelligently loads different qualities of imagery depending on how much you have zoomed into the panorama – minimising the amount of bandwidth used when viewing the panorama (particularly important for mobile devices). 
Fully spherical panoramas can also be created using our mast (or at ground level), where you can look straight up and straight down as well as all the way around you – ideal for letting clients explore a virtual version of your project or premises on their computer, tablet or smartphone. Please see our virtual tours page for more information and to see sample tours. 
360° aerial panorama captured using our telescopic mast from the roof of a building in Brent, London. Click the image above to view the virtual tour, and then click and drag around to view the panorama. Use the Shift and Ctrl keys (or your mouse scroll wheel) to zoom in and out. 
Our telescopic mast capturing the images for the panorama shown above. 
Are you looking to capture 360° views from above your site or project? Do you want to present this imagery to your client in the form of an interactive and web-friendly panorama like the one shown here? Give us a call today to learn more about our mast photography and virtual tour services, and to have a chat about your requirements.