Horizon Imaging

Drone aerial photographs captured for new interactive boarding house map at Harrow School, Middlesex

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to take a panoramic aerial photograph of Harrow School in Middlesex, which would be used as the background to an interactive map on the school’s new website, due to launch in early 2016. 
When we arrived we were greeted by beautiful sunshine and very little wind – a relief considering it was the middle of December! The school provided us with a map showing exactly which buildings needed to be present in the images, and we started taking the aerial photographs with our drone from the far end of the school’s estate – to give us the best chance of capturing all the buildings in as few photographs as possible (see below). 
Drone aerial photograph of the expansive grounds and golf club at Harrow School in Middlesex. 
Drone aerial photograph of a construction site in East Grinstead, West Sussex. Click to enlarge. 
As it’s always hard to know exactly what the view will be like from our drone until it’s airborne, we weren’t surprised to find that the drone was initially too far away from the buildings for sufficient detail to be captured. As the morning progressed, we slowly moved closer to the buildings until the drone was finally in the perfect position … but by then the clouds had rolled in and the wind had picked up! I guess it was December after all … The final panoramic photograph (stitched from two separate images) can be seen below on the right. 
The client was still thrilled with the aerial photographs we took – even though some were slightly overcast – and they will be used on the school’s new website in the New Year. 

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