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Benefits of drone aerial photography for the property and estate agent industry

Ask someone why they purchased their home and it’s not unusual to get the reply, ‘because we fell in love with it.’ Here at Horizon Imaging, we can help create that love. 
With most property searches beginning online, it’s important that agents present a property in the best possible way so that potential purchasers start to develop an emotional connection with the properties they’re viewing, and ultimately decide to arrange viewings. This is particularly true for luxury properties where buyers are often pressed for time, and where that instant emotional connection is so important. We also know that once a viewing has taken place, people will refer back to the particulars of a property again and again, so it’s not only the first impressions that count. 
Take this scenario, the heart says yes but the head says not sure? When buying a house, the tug between emotion and reason doesn’t need to move more than a percentage point either way for the purchase to go ahead or fall apart. 
You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression and mediocrity will not do. So as an agent, the opportunity to take your property photography up another level could be the difference between that healthy commission cheque or not. 
Drone aerial photograph of a private house near Petworth, West Sussex 
Drone aerial photograph of a private house near Leggatt Hill, West Sussex 
The maths works too. There were over 11,000 properties sold in excess of £1,000,000 in 2015. Looking at the bigger picture, the difference in cost between preparing particulars with average images and superb photography is almost negligible given that it could make the difference between making or losing the sale. Outstanding photography also provides the opportunity to stand out from other estate agents and increase your chances of winning future instructions. 
At Horizon Imaging, we specialise in aerial photography to assist with the sale of countryside properties. 
Consider the images on the right. A potential purchaser can be left in no doubt about the magnificence of these properties and their surroundings. I’d beg to suggest that even a professional photographer at ground level would struggle to achieve images that so quickly convey the setting of these stunning properties compared to the aerial photographs. It comes back to that emotional connection again. ‘This is a property I have to see and I will contact the agent for a viewing’. 
Purchasers with £1M+ to spend on a luxury countryside retreat expect something special, so you need special photography. At Horizon Imaging, that’s drone aerial photography. From up to 400 feet above ground level, drones capture a unique viewpoint, creating images with a real sense of depth and perspective. The technology is still relatively new, so when people see stunning drone aerial photographs, their brain processes what they see differently which helps provide that compelling reason to act. Think back to when you first saw High Definition television. 
Drone aerial photograph of a private house near Ambersham, West Sussex 
Drone aerial photograph of a private house near Petworth, West Sussex 
There are restrictions on the use of drones which you will have no doubt come across in the media. So, in areas where drone use is restricted (particularly near roads and more densely populated areas), we use our fully-portable 50-foot telescopic mast to offer spectacular elevated views which you would never be able to capture from ground level. 
One of the key points to remember when hiring a drone photographer is to make sure they are licenced. Just like you wouldn’t hail a taxi whose driver didn’t have a driving licence, you should never hire a drone operator that cannot show you their ‘Permission For Aerial Work’ licence from the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Having this licence ensures the operator has received suitable training in the safe operation of drones and is also fully insured. For more information, please click here. 
Drone aerial photographs are revolutionising the property market by allowing buyers to see houses, their gardens and the surrounding landscape all at the same time. To give your luxury countryside properties the edge in a competitive market place, let Horizon Imaging photograph your next instruction and see the difference for yourself. Contact us today to find out how we can help you stand out from your competition.