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Awkward terraced house roof inspected in Hammersmith, London, using our telescopic mast

We were recently commissioned by a building surveyor to take a set of inspection photographs of the roof of a terraced house in Hammersmith, London, and this shoot was a prime example of how our telescopic mast is perfectly suited to performing roof inspections in very cramped conditions where no vehicle-mounted mast could ever reach. 
The surveyor had been contracted to create a report of the building’s condition before it was bought by a prospective buyer, and part of the survey was to include a report on the condition of the roof. Unfortunately, there was no access hatch onto the roof from within the house, and without using a very long ladder or scaffolding, there was simply no way to view the roof to assess its condition. 
An inspection photograph taken of the roof of a terraced house in Hammersmith, London with our telescopic mast. Click to enlarge.
Our telescopic mast during the roof inspection in Hammersmith, London. Click to enlarge. 
The building in question was one of a row of terraced houses in Central London which was flanked very closely by a row of tall trees. Not only that, but there were several telephone wires criss-crossing the front of the building too. All of this meant that there was only a single ‘keyhole’ of free space which our mast could be threaded through to penetrate the canopy of the trees and provide a clear view of the roof of the building. 
It was a similar story at the rear of the property, with a tiny garden that was barely large enough for the mast’s tripod to be erected – and that’s not to mention the challenge of carrying the mast, tripod and all the associated equipment through a very narrow, low-ceilinged Victorian terrace house! 
The results speak for themselves though, and what was otherwise a completely invisible roof structure (from ground level) with no means of access, the surveyor now has clear, high-resolution images of the roof’s structure on which to base his survey. 
Do you need a cost-effective survey of the roof of your house or commercial building? Do you need photographic evidence of the condition of your building’s roof for insurance or tenancy / leasing purposes? Drop us a line today and we will explain how we can use our drone and / or mast to capture all the imagery you need at an affordable price.