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Horizon Imaging recommended on Estate Agent Today blog as a professional supplier of aerial photographs

John Durrant from Hello Photo and Doctor Photo, recently wrote an article for the Estate Agent Today blog entitled “Radio Controlled UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) – On the Up. But are they legal?“. 
As part of the article, John refers to points raised in a set of guidelines I have written for hiring an Aerial Photographer in the UK – guidelines which will shortly be available for free from this website. 
The article raises points such as does your Aerial Photographer have a Permission from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, do they have adequate insurance to cover their operations, and can anyone buy a drone and start taking aerial photographs commercially. It also covers the innumerable advantages of using Aerial Photographs to sell large properties, particularly those with large gardens, or those set in rolling countryside. To quote the article, “How else would it be possible in one photo to show the extent of a property that has many acres?”. 
The article is well worth a look, and you can view it here. 
Horizon Imaging featured in Estate Agent Today blog. Click to visit the blog. 
One of the images used in the Estate Agent Today blog article on Drone Property Photography. Click to enlarge.