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Drone aerial photographs combine with CG models to advertise plans for Madejski Stadium in Reading, Berks

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to take some aerial photographs using our drone in and around the Madejski Football Stadium in Reading, Berkshire. The brief was to capture aerial photographs which exactly matched computer-generated (CG) views created by visualisation experts, Realm Communication. The resulting images (having combined the CG images and aerial photographs) would then be used to advertise the proposed regeneration scheme for the Stadium and the surrounding area, known as ‘Royal Elm Park’. 
After explaining to Realm Communication exactly where the drone could be flown (as there are strict regulations governing the use of drones in built-up areas), they generated a set of rough CG images which had to be matched with our aerial photographs. These were produced based on the specifications of the camera that would be taking the photograph (particularly the focal-length of its lens) and the maximum operating altitude of the drone (400 feet). 
Drone aerial photographs combined with computer-generated buildings – images used to promote the regeneration of the area surrounding the Madejski Football Stadium in Reading, Berkshire 
In order to minimise the disruption to the users of the Stadium and the nearby Green Park business park, the shoot took place on a Saturday when the business park was closed and when there were no football games in progress. Permission was sought from the owners of the Stadium and the business park, as the drone had to take-off from their land in order to capture the required photographs. 
After identifying the best place to launch the drone, the client watched the live video feed from the drone’s camera, instructing the pilot to climb / descend and pan / tilt the camera until the composition of the live image exactly matched that of the planned images. 
Drone aerial photograph combined with computer-generated buildings – images used to promote the regeneration of the area surrounding the Madejski Football Stadium in Reading, Berkshire 
Our hexacopter drone flew from inside the Madejski Football stadium to take the adjacent aerial photograph. After permission was sought to fly here, the flight took place on a Saturday when no games were in progress. 
Once the images had been successfully captured, Realm Communication worked their magic by dropping their computer-generated models of the proposed buildings onto the aerial photographs – the end results of which can be seen throughout this post. Clicking the images will allow you to view them in a larger format. 
Realm Communication (and their end client) were thrilled with the aerial photographs we took, and we recently received this kind testimonial from them: 
“We found working with Horizon Imaging a real pleasure while working on marketing drone images for a Reading Stadium development. David handled a lot of security, and access permissions, allowing the drone photo shot to go smoothly and within budget. His technical understanding of photography and his bespoke drone allowed us to achieve near exact matches of our proposed views. We, and the end client, were extremely pleased with the end results, and will be using David again.” 
Combining aerial photographs captured from a mast or drone, with computer-generated imagery of buildings which do not yet exist, is the latest and most powerful way of marketing completed developments before they have been built. Are you involved in projects like this? Would you like to know more about using drones to capture aerial photographs in built-up areas? Give us a call today and we would be glad to discuss your requirements with you.