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6 Benefits to Time Lapse Filming

Have you ever wished you could condense a few hours, days or even months into a shorter space of time? I think we all have at one point or another! But while it might not be possible in real-time, when it comes to video marketing you absolutely can. 
The idea behind time-lapse video is simply taking an image every minute, 10 minutes or 20 minutes (the interval can be set exactly), and assembling these frames one after another to create a video that covers the entire duration of a project or event. This means you can watch a building be erected from start to finish in just 5 minutes! So why would you invest in time-lapse filming for your next project? Here are 6 reasons to give it a go. 

Keep Everyone Updated

No matter the size of your project, there will likely be lots of people involved or impacted by it. This means you probably want to keep them updated as the project goes on, and encourage some positive engagement in the project. Time-lapse filming is a fantastic way to do this, as it gives you the ability to share regular images as updates, and gives interested parties a window into the process and what’s happening. Both stakeholders and the local community will thank you! 

Time-lapse video of a number of buildings being demolished in the centre of Aldershot, Hampshire. Click the play button to watch. 

Live Marketing

If you can’t be there in person, watching something happen live is the next best thing. Whether it’s a construction project or an event, real-time footage will always draw people in and keep their attention on the page. Time-lapse filming isn’t quite the same as live streaming, but it’s the next best thing. Cameras on site take still images every minute, 10 minutes or even 20 minutes on longer projects, giving you an insight into what’s going on at the site at regular intervals. So if you embed a video feed of images from your project in your website, you can attract more attention and encourage visitors to look around the site more easily. This has a double benefit, since it’s not only great marketing, but it’s good for SEO as well, since both video and the time people spend on your pages count towards your ranking. 

Time-lapse video of a 3G football pitch being installed on part of a recration ground. Click the play button to watch. 

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

Given the state of the world at the moment, we all need to be a bit more conscious of our impact on the environment, including carbon emissions. One of the elements of construction that produces more pollution and carbon emissions that you would guess is actually site visits. Over the course of a project several stakeholders will visit the site to view its progress, and this can really add up to a big environmental impact. A time-lapse camera with a live video feed and recordings allows stakeholders to get a full view of the project from the comfort of their own home or office. In fact, they will get a better overview of the project’s progression, since they can go back and watch it being built from day 1. 

Time-lapse video of some ground investigation works in the middle of a field in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Click the play button to watch. 

Great Marketing Material

Marketing is constantly evolving, but one of the trends that’s stuck around for years now is video. Google loves video, stakeholders love video and customers love video too. They form one of the most important types of content in a marketing plan, and can let your target audience know exactly what you do and how you do it. Time-lapse videos can be some of the most eye-catching videos out there. Fast and visually interesting, they are a fantastic resource for your marketing team. Plus, time-lapse videos always get a great audience response, which is why they are always the stand-out piece in the marketing plan. Videos make for truly captivating marketing material that can provide fuel for your social media efforts for years to come. 

Time-lapse video showing the construction of a Chelsea Flower Show garden design outside Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants in Whitchurch, Hampshire. Click the play button to watch. 

Showcase Evolution

There is something utterly fascinating about watching a building being constructed, seeing the starting point of flat earth transform into something towering and grand. And while photos might give a good idea of how it looks throughout, there is nothing quite like being able to see the process stitched together, and how it was all created step by step. Time-lapse video gives your customers the opportunity to do just that, showcasing how it evolved over time and adding an extra dimension to your promotional videos. This can be particularly useful if you’re looking for investors or purchasers for the building after completion. 

Time-lapse video of an extensive house conversion in Fleet, Hampshire. Click the play button to watch. 


Of course, no project is without it’s niggles. In the construction world, these can be small things, or they can be big problems. Either way, you need a way of finding out what happened and when, so that you can go on to fix the issue. Time-lapse videos give you the ability to watch the entire project happen from start to finish, recording every stage of the build in high definition in 10 or 20 minute intervals. So if there are any issues down the line, you can go back and identify the what, when, how and who, and provide a solution that won’t bring you any more surprises. 

Time-lapse video of a new house being built to the point of external completion in Horley, Surrey. Click the play button to watch. 

At Horizon Imaging, we specialise in all forms of visual imagery for businesses, including time-lapse videos. We have invested in a state-of-the-art time-lapse camera system that is capable of capturing an enormous 220° panoramic view, so you can be sure you have every angle covered during your project. Whether it’s a construction project or an event, we can support you with fantastic time-lapse video. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us today and book your free consultation. 

“We thought it would be good to commission a time-lapse video which shows the hard work that goes into one of our latest geotechnical projects and Horizon Imaging did a great job capturing this video for us! This is the second time we’ve used Horizon Imaging – the first being taking aerial progress photos of a landslip repair project. David has always understood the requirements of the work and has been very helpful and flexible in selecting the optimum times and positions to capture the imagery. We look forward to working with Horizon Imaging again in the future.”

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