Horizon Imaging

Working with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to refresh their stock image library

If you were to ask people about the images that came to mind when Basingstoke was mentioned, I expect many would think of office blocks, shops, roundabouts, industrial and housing estates set within a thriving town. 
However, if you ‘row back’ just a few miles from the town centre, there is a diverse range of landmarks, open spaces, activities and destinations for people to explore and enjoy; all set in the beautiful Hampshire countryside. Hampshire is known as Jane Austen country. Famous novels such as Pride & Prejudice were drafted from her home in Steventon, just 7 miles from Basingstoke, but a world away in many ways. 
I was delighted therefore to be asked by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to photograph 50 such sites within a 10-mile radius of the town. This project, which I am enjoying very much, captures subjects including: pubs, monuments, historic buildings, villages, parks, museums, castles and churches. 
The Hoddington Arms pub near Basingstoke, Hampshire. 
The Basingstoke skyline from the Crabtree Plantation. 
The Viables Business Park in Basingstoke, Hampshire. 
My objective is to record the diversity of choices on offer to visitors and in doing so create a valuable library stock of images for the council and local businesses to call upon. A professional portfolio of images provides the capability to elevate a piece of communication from just ordinary to extraordinary. Position, choice of lens, exposure, light, post-processing all help improve a photograph to a level out of the reach of most ‘enthusiastic amateurs’. 
All of the shots I am taking currently are ground-based, ensuring a consistent approach. There is the opportunity to take aerial photographs of key landmarks around the city itself, but that is something for the future. 
Basingstoke is able to offer visitors the best of both worlds. High quality shopping and entertainment in the county’s largest town, and the scenery and tranquillity of the surrounding countryside. Provided with a set of high quality photographs, the council has the tools at its disposal to promote the area with real confidence. With historic towns such as Winchester on the door step there is a ready-made tourist market to tap into. I’m really pleased to have been given the opportunity to assist them. 
Do you work for a council or an institution that holds a stock image library which you turn to for your marketing imagery? Is it time it was updated with a fresh set of imagery to reflect the latest developments in your area? Contact us today to see how we can help you!