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What factors impact the price of a Matterport Virtual Tour?

Creating our immersive Matterport Virtual Tours is an involved process which varies greatly depending on the size of the property to be scanned, and the complexity of the contents of the building. 
When quoting to produce our virtual tours, we will generally ask for the square meterage of the property, as this will give us a good idea of the overall size of the space. We’ll also ask where the property is located, how many floors the property has, whether the property is furnished, whether any outdoor spaces or outbuildings need to be captured too, and exactly which parts of the property need to be included in the tour. 
For example, for most properties we will scan all the usable living / working spaces, but not storage cupboards, plant rooms, or corridors that only lead to more storage areas. However, what we scan is entirely up to our clients, and it’s always safer to ask for confirmation of what parts of a building need to be scanned than to make assumptions and spend time scanning areas the client didn’t need captured, or accidentally miss out areas that were important for the client. 
Matterport virtual tours of a luxury new-build property in Virginia Water, Surrey, and a House of Multiple Occupancy in Guildford, Surrey. Click the play buttons to start exploring! 
Then there are additional (non-standard) features which can be added to our tours including dimensioned black-and-white floorplans; hovering information points that can expand to reveal blocks of text, photographs, videos, or web links; and the option to have the tours embedded into Google Street View / onto a business’ Google My Business listing – all of these features have their own additional fees associated with them. 
If you don’t know the square meterage of your property, don’t worry! We will then either base our quotation on the typical area of a property of your type (eg. a 1-bed flat or a 5-bed house) or on dimensions we are able to take from services like Google Earth (eg. for large single-storey commercial properties where the footprint is clearly visible from above). 
Matterport virtual tours of a luxury new-build property in Hampstead Heath, London, and a retail unit in Fleet, Hampshire. Click the play buttons to start exploring! 
Our prices start from as little as £195 for small residential properties and can extend beyond £1000 for very large commercial spaces spread across multiple floors – there definitely isn’t one price that fits all! 
If you would like to have a virtual tour captured of your property, simply fill out the contact form below with details of your property including its location, square meterage (if known), and which parts of the property you would like to have included in the tour. 

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