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What are the benefits of using drone aerial photography for marketing holiday properties?

Certainty. That’s the one thing above all else that people want when they book their holiday rental property. Aerial photographs help to market a property and show that what you see is what you will get! 
The market for holiday rentals is a competitive one, especially in popular areas around the UK, for example, the Cotswolds. Although May through to September are peak times for holiday rentals in this country, people start looking for ideas in those ‘down days’ often between Christmas and New Year, and that is why this blog is being written now. 
If you own a rental property, effective marketing has seldom been more important. The drop in the value of the Pound means that overseas trips, especially for families, will be a lot more expensive next year and more people may choose to holiday at home. 
Drone aerial photo of holiday cottages in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Click to enlarge 
Drone aerial photo of a Bed & Breakfast in Bedfordshire. Click to enlarge. 

Why is professional photography so important?

Marketing should be viewed as an investment rather than a cost and if you use a website such as cottages.com for example, superior imagery will help sell your offering against a similar one nearby. Photographs taken from an elevated perspective, using a mast or a drone, provide such an advantage. 
Unlike buying a house, when you will visit the property on numerous occasions, when you book a holiday home, the first time you see it in the flesh will be the day of arrival. As you enter the driveway you want to see the property just as it was in your mind’s eye. 
Drone aerial photo of Two Hoots glamping campsite in Hampshire. Click to enlarge. 
Drone aerial photo of a holiday cottage in Wales. Click to enlarge. 
Only aerial photography can capture a property within its immediate surrounding area. So, if it’s seclusion you are after, it’s seclusion you will get. Or if the property is described as ‘… in a beautiful rural location’, just how rural is rural? 
It is slightly surprising that not more holiday home owners have considered aerial photography in marketing their properties. Those who I have been fortunate to work with have certainly seen the benefits and you can read some of their thoughts below – expressed far better than I could! 
Drone aerial photo of a holiday cottage in Devon.Click to enlarge. 

If you own a holiday property, be it a cottage or caravan, campsite or yurt (!) and you would like to know how aerial photography can help to make your property stand out from your competition, contact us today! 

Horizon Imaging took a series of photographs of our property just as the sun was setting. The results of having a higher angle shot were spectacular and we now have one in pride of place on our website. I would thoroughly recommend the investment.

The Windmill B&B, Bedfordshire

David’s eye for a strong composition, his ingenious use of technology and the resulting eye-catching images have really helped to promote our holiday cottages

Fron Isaf Holiday Cottages, Carmarthanshire

Just wanted to say a big thank you. We wanted to give our potential customers a flavour of the setting and facilities we offer at our glamping campsite, and we are happy that we commissioned Horizon Imaging to produce a promotional video for us. This video says a thousand words and gives a good insight into what we offer, how we offer it and what to expect when you stay with us. David has been patient in tweaking and adding bits to the video – nothing was too much trouble. He was very helpful with suggestions and has produced a wonderful and informative video for us – thanks David! 

Two Hoots Campsite, Hampshire