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Suspended canopy in Basingstoke, Hampshire, inspected to identify fixing points for Christmas decorations

Who would have thought it? Firstly mentioning the word Christmas in the middle of August, and secondly, our telescopic mast holding the key to a Christmas decoration installation on a suspended canopy roof — yes, we were equally baffled! 
Earlier this month we performed a very simple inspection shoot with our telescopic mast outside The Malls shopping centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire. The task was to take some photographs of the top of a suspended canopy roof to ascertain whether there were suitable fixing points available for … yes you guessed it, Christmas decorations! 
Before our client, The Christmas Decorators, could confirm to the shopping centre whether it would be possible to attach a set of large Christmas decorations along the edge of the canopy roof, they needed to know what the roof structure looked like so they could work out how the decorations could be attached. Their options? 
Go up onto the canopy with a ladder? Too high … 
Inspect the edge of the canopy from the adjacent multi-storey car park? As the canopy was domed in the middle this obscured their view of the far side of the canopy structure … 
Use a cherry picker? Far too expensive for such a simple task … 
The solution? Our telescopic mast of course! 
Within an hour on site we had taken a set of aerial photographs from either end of the canopy roof and this provided our client with all the information they needed to complete their quote for the installation of the decorations — a tender which we’re pleased to say they won! All this for substantially less than the delivery cost alone of a cherry picker!  
Mast aerial inspection photographs of a suspended canopy roof outside The Malls shopping centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire, taken for our client, The Christmas Decorators, to ascertain whether it would be feasible to attach some large Christmas decorations to the edge of the roof. Click to enlarge. 
Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of our mast in action, taking the photos from one end of the suspended canopy roof! 
Our telescopic mast being used to inspect the roof of a shopping centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Click to enlarge. 

The Christmas Decorators were delighted with our services and have recently sent us the following kind testimonial: 

“I would like to thank you for helping The Christmas Decorators in securing the contract for decorating The Malls at Basingstoke for Christmas.

Because of your professionalism and speed in dealing with this time-critical contract, The Malls have confirmed that they wish to go ahead with all the decorations which we had suggested. Both Paul Littlehayes at The Malls and I were very impressed with the ease you could obtain images of locations only accessible with expensive equipment at a fraction of the cost. Also, the quality of the photographs from the pole camera and the speed with which you could deliver those photographs was impressive. David, you made me look good in front of my client.

I would have no hesitation in referring you to anyone who has a need for such photographs and I have already forwarded your details on to my fellow Christmas Decorators colleagues in the South East who may also have need of your services.”

So whether you have a leaking roof to investigate, need to inspect the conditions of your roof tiles and gutters … or just need to check your roof to gauge its suitability for supporting Christmas decorations (!), the next time you need aerial inspection imagery, give us a call and we’ll happily talk through your requirements with you. Whether it’s using our 50-foot telescopic mast or one of our drones, we have every angle covered.