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Short promotional video produced for Hampshire-based magician Danny Jurmann of Red Hat Magic

Horizon Imaging was recently asked to put together a short promotional video for Hampshire-based close-up magician Danny Jurmann of Red Hat Magic. The footage would be filmed at a charity dinner arranged by a local masonic lodge, who will be receiving their own promotional video for the event soon – watch this space!  
Danny asked that the video had a quick, snappy feel to it, and that it captured a hint of the amazement and joy felt by the guests that he was performing for – and hopefully that comes across in the video! Danny kindly sent us this testimonial after we had completed the video for him: 
Promotional video for Danny Jurmann of Red Hat Magic. Click the play button to watch the video, and click on the rectangle symbol at the bottom right to watch it full-screen. 

David at Horizon Imaging was a pleasure to work with! Charming, professional and capable I was very happy to work with him, enjoyed the results and look forward to working with him again. 

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