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Promotional video produced for Willmott Dixon's flagship University of Kent 'Sibson' Building

Earlier in the year we were commissioned by national construction firm Willmott Dixon to take a set of aerial photographs and produce an aerial and ground-based promotional video of one of their latest flagship projects — the ‘Sibson’ building at the University of Kent. 
The extraordinary W-shaped building is likely to be entered in for a number of awards, as the project has met / exceeded a number of stringent requirements in terms of energy efficiency and sensitivity to the surrounding environment, and Willmott Dixon were keen to have some striking imagery to represent the project. 
The photographs and video footage were taken during the course of a 6 hour visit to the site on a Saturday in May to ensure there were as few pedestrians walking around the site as possible — a key factor, especially for the drone work as we would be flying in close proximity to the building and the communal areas surrounding it. 
Below is the 3 minute edit of the promotional video — filmed from both the air and ground level. Click the play button to watch it! 
Aerial / ground-based promotional video produced for Willmott Dixon of the stunning ‘Sibson’ building which they recently finishing building on the University of Kent campus. Click the play button to watch the video, and be sure to click the rectangle icon at the bottom right to watch the video full-screen. 
As well as a 3 minute version of the video, we also produced a 45 second version for Willmott Dixon’s social media channels and a 5 minute version which obviously contains even more detailed footage of the site than the 3 minute version! 
Although not initially part of the scope of work, we suggested that some aerial still photographs were also taken of the site whilst we were there as the still images could then be used on their website and in printed promotional material. Some of the photographs we took are shown below:
Drone aerial photographs of the stunning ‘Sibson’ building on the University of Kent campus. Click to enlarge. 
And for those curious to see some behind-the-scenes shots of us working on site, here’s just some of the equipment we used on this shoot! 
Some behind-the-scenes photos taken during the shoot of the stunning ‘Sibson’ building on the University of Kent campus. Click to enlarge. 
Willmott Dixon continue to use us for documenting many of their largest sites from the air, and they previously sent us the following kind testimonial: 
“The all-round package that we received from Horizon Imaging was great. David is very flexible with regards to taking the images and access to the locations. The finished photos are great and fitted our brief perfectly.” 

Do you have a construction project which you need to document and present to the rest of your staff or to your client? Have you considered producing a promotional video but don’t want to use several companies to shoot the aerial footage, ground footage and to do the post-production? Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and to learn more about our complete ground-level and aerial video production services