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Promotional video produced for Albert Edward masonic lodge as a reminder of their Ladies Festival

Last month Horizon Imaging was commissioned to film a charity dinner for the Albert Edward masonic lodge based in Camberley, Surrey. The event took place at the Runnymede-on-Thames hotel in Surrey, and it consisted of informal drinks, a 3-course dinner, congratulatory speeches and a chance for the guests to let their hair down at the end with a live DJ / singer! 
We were at the event for about 5 hours, during which time every aspect of the event was filmed – partly for inclusion in the promotional video, and partly as a record of the speeches given by various members of the lodge, some of whom would be stepping down from their roles whilst others took their place. Once all the footage had been captured, suitable background music was sourced, and several hours of footage was then condensed into a 2.5 minute video for the lodge’s website. Click on the play button on the right to watch the video! 
Click on the play button above to watch the promotional video we produced for the Albert Edward masonic lodge as a reminder of their Ladies Festival on the 19th March 2016. Click on the rectangle symbol at the bottom right to watch it full-screen. 

We recently received this kind testimonial from the lodge about the work we did for them: 

David from Horizon Imaging did a great job in capturing the mood of our Ladies Festival charity dinner, and our guests commended the way he managed to stay ‘in the shadows’ during the event, allowing everyone to feel completely relaxed and to enjoy the evening. The video brought back many happy memories when we watched it during our last members meeting earlier this month, and we wouldn’t hesitate in using Horizon Imaging’s services again in the future 

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