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Promotional film produced for stunning new rural property development in Puttenham, Surrey

A few weeks ago we were contacted by high-end estate agent Savills based in Guildford, asking if we could produce a short aerial video to help show off the location of a brand new property development that they were selling. The site in question is situated in the beautiful, stereotypically-English village of Puttenham in Surrey which lies in the ‘Surrey Hills’ — an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). 
The video had to focus on the location of the development, rather than the development itself which was still under construction. The idea was to entice potential buyers by showing them the idyllic setting of the development — nestled at the foot of a gently sloping field of hop plants (hence the development’s name, “Hops End”), and beyond that, surrounded by lush green countryside. The one minute promotional video can be viewed below: 
Aerial promotional video produced for Savills and Millwood Designer Homes for their ‘Hops End’ development in Puttenham, Surrey. Click the play button to watch the video, and be sure to click the rectangle icon at the bottom right to watch the video full-screen. 

As well as producing the video, we also took some aerial photographs which they could use in their printed marketing literature and on their website. Again, these had to focus more on the development’s setting, but as usual at Horizon Imaging, to ensure we captured all the angles our client could possibly need, we took a whole range of close-up and distant photographs from many different angles and altitudes — some of which can be seen below: 

Drone aerial photographs of a stunning new property development in Puttenham, Surrey. Click to enlarge. 

Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes showing our drone with the site in the background — the builders were in awe when they saw the drone take off and start orbitting around the construction site!

Our drone next to the construction site of the Hops End development in Puttenham, Surrey. Click to enlarge. 
Our contact at Savills in Guildford was delighted with the imagery we produced for them, and recently sent us the following kind testimonial: 

“David came recommended by a contact of mine and I had been impressed with other projects Horizon Imaging had finished. My client was interested in having some aerial photography of their site as the development sat in a very attractive area which couldn’t be seen from ground level. David understood the brief and provided some fantastic images and video of the area and site which has really added another dimension to the advertising.”

Do you own, or are you looking to sell a site which enjoys a spectacular / idyllic setting? Our drone aerial photography and drone aerial filming services provide a completely new perspective to traditional ground-level photographs, and are ideal for documenting projects where their location is one of their key assets. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and we’d be delighted to help.