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New weddings case study added to website

The following blog post has been adapted from a new case study which can be found in the Case Studies section of our website. 
Planning your big day, or know someone who is? One of our favourite applications of our aerial photography services is providing professional, discreet, ‘fly-on-the-wall’ (or ‘eye-in-the-sky’ if you prefer!) aerial perspectives of wedding ceremonies and receptions. Whether it’s from our telescopic 50-foot mast (ideal for group photos and ceiling-level imagery inside the church or reception venue) or our state-of-the-art drones (gliding quietly high above proceedings, capturing the entire event as it unfolds from a birds-eye perspective), our aerial imagery will bring back nostalgic and joyful memories of the couple’s wedding for many years to come. 
Screenshot from a drone aerial film of a wedding ceremony at St Martha-on-the-hill Church near Chilworth, Guildford, Surrey. Click to enlarge. 
Drone aerial photo of a wedding ceremony at St Mary The Virgin Church in Send, Surrey. Click to enlarge. 
Whilst most wedding photography and filming services focus on up-close and personal photos and footage of the bride, groom and guests, we provide an unobtrusive eye-on-the-wall perspective using our state-of-the-art aerial photography platforms. Capturing a birds-eye, almost ethereal view of the special day, our drone filming service provides a beautiful and utterly unique perspective on the events of the day. 
Whether it’s capturing the newlyweds as they first leave the church surrounded by their family and friends, or filming the whole party as they mingle and celebrate outside the reception venue, our drones will be quietly filming everything from high above. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking to capture a special group photo from an elevated perspective, we also use a 50-foot mast which can be setup virtually anywhere – be it inside the church to capture a completely unique view of the ceremony from high in the rafters, or outside the church or reception venue photographing the entire wedding party as they enjoy their special day. 
These are two wedding films we have produced for couples over the last few years. Both include footage from high above the wedding ceremonies and the wedding receptions. Click the play button to watch a video, and be sure to click the square symbol at the bottom right of the player to watch the video full-screen. 

Wedding FAQ!

Below are some fun questions and answers about weddings we’ve been to and some tips for how to make the most of the day — click on one of the bold sentences to see the answer! 

It has to be a wedding we filmed with our drone at the stunning hill-top St Martha-on-the-Hill church near Chilworth, Surrey. With panoramic views out over the Surrey Hills and to the South Downs National Park beyond, it felt like being on top of the world! With the added elevation provided by our drone, the scenery, church and wedding party were all put into beautiful context with one another. You can watch our film of this wedding above. 

unique discreet elevated refreshing nostalgic 

The wonderful testimonials we receive from our clients! 

Remember to enjoy yourself and not get bogged down in all the planning and organising! The day will pass so much quicker than you expect! 

Having the couples initials and a heart mown into the lawn at the reception venue – something that you could only truly appreciate from above using our drone! You can see an aerial photo of this in the gallery below. 

After showing the couple previous examples of work we have produced, we will establish exactly what footage and photographs they want captured at their wedding, and also if there are any specific activities they want photographed / filmed — over and above capturing the atmosphere and ambience of the event. After all the footage and photos have been taken, we will provide them with a choice of backing music to have behind their wedding video. The post-production will then take place and the couple can request any final tweaks to be made before the final video / photos are sent over. 

To capture aerial footage with our drone as the bride as she threw her bouquet of flowers over her head at the reception venue! See if you can spot this moment in the first of the two wedding films above! 

“My wife’s family bought us the video for a wedding present. We really didn’t know how it would turn out but it’s now one of our favourite mementos of the whole day! The panoramic views outside the church and the reception are fantastic – marvellously detailed, rock steady and amazingly broad! David was so professional we hardly knew we was there, and he integrated himself smoothly with the (still) photographer.” 
Phil & Carol — married May 2016 
“We are absolutely delighted with our wedding video by David at Horizon Imaging. On the day David provided a discreet and professional service, and he sent us the final video a lot faster than we anticipated. His aerial shots of the church and wedding reception are unique and just so novel, and now we have a gorgeously nostalgic video memory of the best day of our lives. Thank you ever so much, we would definitely recommend you!” 
Jennifer & Duncan — married July 2016 


The gallery below displays a selection of aerial photographs and screenshots taken from weddings we have filmed for some of our clients. 
If you’re looking for a completely different perspective on your special day, or you would like to give a couple you know an utterly unique gift which they will treasure for years to come in the form of an aerial film of their wedding, please do get in touch