Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging photographs potential views from a new house in Epsom, Surrey, using our telescopic mast

Horizon Imaging was recently contacted by a homeowner in Epsom, Surrey, who was keen to determine where the best views of the surrounding landscape were to be found in their garden – not from ground level, but from first and second-floor level! The homeowner’s plan was to identify the points in their garden which gave the best views, and then construct their new house around those views. 
This task was ideally suited to our fully-portable telescopic mast which could be extended to a set height at any point in their garden. By capturing a series of overlapping images over 360°, we produced six continuous, navigable panoramas from three locations at both first and second-floor heights. One of these 360° panoramas can be viewed by clicking on the globe image on the right. Simply click and drag around the panorama to navigate, and use the Ctrl and Shift keys on your keyboard (or mouse scroll wheel) to zoom in and out. 
The client was delighted with the results, and recently sent us the following testimonial: 
360° aerial panorama captured using our telescopic mast in Epsom, Surrey, with the intention of seeing which part of the garden had the best views for a proposed new house. 
Click the image above to view the virtual tour, and then click and drag around to view the panorama. Use the Shift and Ctrl keys (or your mouse scroll wheel) to zoom in and out. 

It was a pleasure working with David, the whole exercise was professional and the end result just what we needed. Highly recommend him and if we have further need we would definitely use him again.

Do you have a particularly tricky assignment that requires some aerial imagery to be captured from an awkward angle? We have every angle covered – from ground level to 400 feet! Contact us today and we would be delighted to talk through your requirements with you.