Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging photographs new housing development from the air near Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to take some aerial photographs of a new housing development in Scaynes Hill, near Haywards Heath, West Sussex for luxury homebuilder Denton Group. Due to the proximity of the site to a nearby road, both our telescopic mast and our drone were used to take the required aerial photographs. 
Aerial photograph taken with our telescopic mast of a new housing development in Scaynes Hill, near Haywards Heath, West Sussex for Denton Group 
housing development near Haywards Heath, West Sussex for Denton Group 
The photographs will be used as the backdrop to a computer-generated model of the houses, allowing the developer to create realistic marketing imagery of the final development before the building work is completed. The photograph of the front of the site (top right) was taken with our telescopic mast which was erected directly adjacent to the busy road and a high-voltage overhead power line – hazards which would have prevented safe operation of the drone. On the other hand, the large field directly behind the development was the ideal location to fly the drone which was used to take the higher level image (bottom right) – a perfect example of why we use different tools depending on the location of each shoot. 
Our client was thrilled with the resulting imagery, and has recently sent us this kind testimonial about our work at the Scaynes Hill site: 

We have just had our photographs back following our first commission with Horizon Imaging for aerial photography using both mast and drone operated cameras. We are greatly impressed by the quality of the images – both normal and 180° panoramic views from low and high level. Such images have given us greater scope in terms of sales and marketing for our new luxury house development in Scaynes Hill, West Sussex. We shall be using Horizon Imaging again to produce similar high quality aerial photographs at future developments in the region. 

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