Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging photographs Dolleys Hill mobile home park in Normandy, Surrey from the air

Horizon Imaging was recently contacted by the owner of a local mobile home park, who commissioned us to take an updated aerial photograph of their site. The last photograph was taken some 10 years ago from a light aircraft, but we would be taking the updated photograph using our radio-controlled drone. The drone was flown from a neighbouring cricket club, and by flying up to our altitude limit of 400 feet we were able to recreate a very similar view to the original aerial photograph – click on the thumbnail on the right to see the full-size image. 
Aerial photograph of a Dolleys Hill mobile home park in Normandy, Surrey, taken from 400 feet by our radio-controlled drone 

Are you keen to have an existing aerial photograph of your site updated, or just curious to see what your site looks like from the air? Drop us a line today and we’ll be pleased to help!