Horizon Imaging

Horizon Imaging photographs beautiful landscaped gardens in Petersfield, Hampshire, from the ground & air

Horizon Imaging was recently commissioned to take a set of ground-based and aerial photographs of a garden landscaping project by leading Surrey and Hampshire Landscape Architects, Graduate Landscapes. The brief was to try and capture the beauty and scale of their latest project from a completely new perspective, and what better platform to use for this task than our radio-controlled drone? 

Vertical aerial photograph taken with our drone of a recently landscaped private garden in Petersfield, Hampshire for Graduate Landscapes 
One of a set of ground photographs taken of a newly landscaped private garden in Petersfield, Hampshire for Graduate Landscapes 
The garden in question is a stunning 30-metre-radius vegetable and fruit growers paradise – split into different segments for growing different types of produce, or simply for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful plants, sculptures and landscaping in the garden. The aerial photographs (particularly the straight-down shot above) really allowed the client to appreciate the circular design and layout of the garden, and to compare their initial 2-Dimensional drawings and sketches with the finished garden – something that could only be achieved with an aerial viewpoint taken from a hovering photography platform. 
The aerial photographs were complemented by a set of some 80 ground shots taken from a wide variety of angles and positions around the garden – all helping to convey a sense of atmosphere, structure and shape of the garden to those viewing the photographs. The client was absolutely thrilled with the resulting images of their project, particularly the aerial perspectives which they had never been able to see before. 
Have you been struggling to think of ways to bring a fresh look to your marketing campaigns? Have you thought of hiring a real aircraft to take some aerial photographs but were put off by the costs and limited range of angles achievable? Contact us today to find out how drones are revolutionising aerial photography, and to see how they can make your business stand out.