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Horizon Imaging doing its bit for the environment as COP21 discussions continue in Paris

As the COP21 UN Climate Change Conference talks continue in Paris, all eyes are on international governments and politicians as they try to agree a strategy to stop the planet warming by more than the critical 2°C threshold (compared to the pre-industrial average).

The COP21 UN Climate Change Conference talks in Paris will hopefully result in a universally agreed policy to prevent the planet warming by more than 2°C above the pre-industrial average. 
David’s Nissan Leaf 100% electric car, used for both personal and business journeys, which is charged by 100% renewable electricity. 

As vital as these talks are, it’s equally important that we all do our bit to help minimise our impact on the environment. It doesn’t matter how small the contribution, if everyone does something, it will make a difference. As a passionate environmentalist, David Hogg is doing his bit, both personally, and with Horizon Imaging, to reduce his impact on the environment by: 

Driving a 100% electric car (Nissan Leaf, see right) for 95% of personal and business journeys (which costs approximately 2p per mile in electricity to run) 

Charging the Leaf using 100% renewable electricity from Ecotricity, both at home, and when using the rapid charging points at motorway service stations (Electric Highway

Installing a 3.84kW solar PV array to help power his house and office during the day 
Using low-energy LED lighting throughout his house and office 
Recycling as much waste as possible 
Supporting carbon-offsetting projects through The Carbon Neutral Company, neutralising any remaining carbon emissions by investing in worldwide renewable energy, carbon reduction and environmentally-beneficial projects 

Doing one’s bit for the environment doesn’t have to be onerous, and it can be immensely rewarding, not only for the planet, but also economically. So whether it’s saving money through switching to more economical and less polluting forms of transport, or just reducing energy consumption at home – every little helps!