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David Hogg gives talk to Godalming Photographic Club on Panorama Photography

Earlier this week, our Director, David Hogg, gave an evening-long talk on the topic of Panorama Photography at Godalming Photographic Club in Surrey. The content of the talk was designed to introduce members to the concept of image stitching, and covered its range of powerful applications including gigapixel panoramas, spherical panoramas and virtual tours – as well as simply being able to capture wider vistas and taller skyscrapers when on holiday! 
The talk lasted about 1.5 hours and can be watched in its entirety by clicking the play button on the right. The talk was very well received by members, and the programme secretary has already passed on the following kind feedback: 
Click on the play button above to watch David’s talk on Panorama Photography. Click on the rectangle symbol at the bottom right to watch it full-screen. 

Thank you very much for your talk on panorama photography last night, it was both extremely interesting and inspiring and I know many members enjoyed the evening from their feedback. 

If you know of a photographic club or society which might be interested in having me present to them, please do let me know or feel free to pass my details onto them. Thank you!