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Comprehensive promotional media package produced for George Lines Merchants in Colnbrook, Berkshire

Last month, Horizon Imaging was commissioned to produce a promotional video for specialist builders merchants, George Lines in Colnbrook, Berkshire. As well as capturing footage from around their yard and office, we also took a set of aerial photographs with our mast from a number of points around their site, and a set of photographs of all the products they stock. 
When the mast was erected in the centre of their site, a full 360 degree image was captured which was then turned into an interactive web-based panorama. Click on the globe image below to view this panorama in a new window (click and drag to move around, and use the Ctrl and Shift keys on your keyboard to zoom in and out). 
360° aerial panorama captured using our telescopic mast as part of the comprehensive media package for George Lines builders merchants. Click to view (in a new window) 

Originally the client had asked us to create a drone flyover video of the site, but unfortunately the 50 metre wide site is bounded by an active railway line, and as it was not possible to stop any passing trains, the drone could not be used on this site (as per the CAA’s regulation of not flying a drone closer than 50m to a vehicle, vessel or structure not under your control). However, our fully-portable 50-foot mast gave a terrific elevated perspective, conveying both the size of the site, and the volume of products held in stock (see below). 

Mast aerial photographs of the George Lines Builders Merchants in Colnbrook, Berkshire. Click to enlarge. 

In order to fully meet the expectations of the client, we firstly sat down to discuss exactly how they wanted the promotional video to portray their company. From this discussion a voiceover script was created which then formed the basis and structure of the video. The voiceover was then recorded by none other than Horizon Imaging’s Director, David Hogg, before the video footage, still images and backing music were added around it. You can watch the video by clicking the play button below: 

Promotional video created for George Lines by Horizon Imaging. Click the play button to watch the video, and click on the rectangle symbol at the bottom right to watch it full-screen 

George Lines were delighted with the resulting imagery and the promotional video (which now has pride of place on their homepage and can be watched above on the right) and they recently sent us this kind testimonial about their experience of working with us: 

“We asked Horizon imaging to create a promotional video for George Lines, as well as take some photographs of our yard. We are very pleased with end results and it has been a pleasure to work with David.” 

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