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Comprehensive package of marketing imagery commissioned to promote Farnham Mill Nursing Home in Surrey

Exterior architectural photograph of the new Farnham Mill Nursing Home in Surrey. Click to enlarge. 
We recently finished one of our largest commissions, producing a comprehensive package of marketing imagery for a brand new care home that’s just been built in the outskirts of Farnham, Surrey — Farnham Mill Nursing Home. 
Our client, MCS Construction, was justly proud of this incredible building and wanted ‘the works’ when it came to professional marketing imagery to be able to use on their website — we took drone aerial photographs, ground-level photographs both internally and externally, a Matterport virtual tour and we produced a short promotional walk / fly-around video of the whole site! 
As well as these images, we were also commissioned by the nursing home’s operator, Woodlands Hill Brow Care Homes Ltd, to take a set of promotional images of ‘residents’ enjoying the new home for their website (the ‘residents’ were in fact friends and family of the care home’s owners, but to all intents and purposes they were residents for the day!). 
The gallery below showcases some of these promotional ‘resident’ photographs that we took for Woodlands Hill Brow Care Homes — click any image to enlarge it:  
Staged promotional photographs of guests enjoying the new Farnham Mill Nursing Home in Surrey. Click to enlarge. 

Once all the ‘residents’ had left (!), we then walked around the site taking more traditional architectural photographs, both inside the care home and outside in the grounds. To get some more interesting perspectives outside we used our portable 6-metre telesopic pole to add some subtle elevation to the photos. Click any of the photos below to enlarge them. 

Exterior architectural photographs of the new Farnham Mill Nursing Home in Surrey. Click to enlarge. 
Exterior architectural photographs of the new Farnham Mill Nursing Home in Surrey. Click to enlarge. 

Next, we used our drone to capture the site from the air, both as still photographs and moving video. The aerial photographs really help to give the project a sense of scale and layout, as well as helping to show off its beautiful setting, surrounded by trees on all sides. Click any of the images below to enlarge them. 

Drone aerial photographs of the new Farnham Mill Nursing Home in Surrey 
The next task was to capture enough ground-level video footage to combine with the aerial footage into a short promotional film about the project — something which would give its viewers a quick tour of the site, both from the air and the ground, from inside and out. 
Click the play button below to watch the final video we produced for MCS Construction, and be sure to click the rectangle symbol in the bottom right of the player to watch the video full-screen.  
Promotional film of the Farnham Mill Nursing Home, as produced for MCS Construction. Click the play button to watch the video, and be sure to click the rectangle icon in the bottom right of the player to view the video full-screen. 
After all this promotional photography and videography work was completed, we returned to the site one final time to create an interactive Matterport virtual tour of the care home — a brand new service for Horizon Imaging this summer
We were commissioned to capture all three floors of the nursing home in the tour, but only to include two of the bedrooms on the ground-floor as the 60 other bedrooms in the building are practically the same! 
To explore the 3D Virtual Tour below, follow these simple instructions: 
  • Click the Play button below to load the tour 
  • Click and drag using the left mouse button to look around and left-click within the room to move in that direction (the arrow keys can also be used) 
  • Jump to a 3D view of the care home by clicking on the 3D building icon at the bottom left of the viewer 
  • When viewing the 3D model, rotate the model by clicking and draging using the left mouse button 
  • Click and drag using the right mouse button to shift the model horizontally and vertically 
  • Zoom in and out of the model using your mouse’s scrollwheel 
  • Click once in any part of the model to jump into that room to continue the walk-around tour 
Click the ‘Play’ button to start exploring this immersive virtual tour. To explore the space, click and drag to look around, and click in any direction to ‘walk’ in that direction through the property. Click the 3D building symbol at the bottom left to view the care home as a 3D model. Then use your left and right-mouse buttons to click and drag the model around and click in the model to jump to that point in the tour. 
Using a single, experienced promotional media company to capture all the photographs and video footage of your project has several distinct advantages over ‘price shopping’ for the cheapest provider for each type of imagery (drone aerial photography, ground-level photography, video production, etc). These include: 
  • A consistent approach to framing and composing the photographs and video footage — this ensures that all your promotional imagery has the same style and feel to it 
  • A consistent appearance to all the imagery — every photographer has their own way of processing photographs (their own recipe if you like), and using multiple independent photographers on the same project can lead to inconsistencies in style between the resulting images, eg. differences in brightness, contrast, colour tone, etc 
  • Fewer companies to deal with, fewer site visits to arrange, and in the long term, fewer people to educate in the way you wish to have your projects portrayed (eg. the types of shot that you’re looking to have taken, something which will be different for every client). 
Many of our longest-standing clients continue to come back to us as they know the quality and style of imagery they will be getting. This is particularly important for companies such as architects and estate agents whose brand largely depends on the quality and consistency of the imagery they use to promote their projects / properties. 
Our client, MCS Construction, was delighted with the ‘one stop shop’ service we provided for them on the Farnham Mill Nursing Home project, and kindly sent us the following short testimonial about their experience of working with us: 

“We have now commissioned Horizon Imaging on a couple of projects. The quality of the imagery and the service we’ve received is First Class! For our recently completed Farnham Mill Nursing Home Project, the aerial images, video and our particular favourite the Virtual tour have enabled us to really showcase our work.” 

Do you work in the property industry in some capacity? Perhaps you’re an architect, property developer or construction company and are looking to give your website / portfolio of promotional imagery a facelift so it represents your previous projects in their best light? 
After all, your website and portfolio are key assets for converting new leads in your business into new clients — any investment in improving the quality of your promotional media can only have a positive effect on the success of your business moving forwards. 

For more information, or ifyou’d like to discuss one of your projects with us, please contact us today and we’d be delighted to chat with you.